This week, our annual event, Connections, is taking place in Chicago. It offers a chance to bring together marketing Trailblazers to share, collaborate, and learn about building brands and driving growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Marketing has always been about building strong relationships, but the nature of how we go about it is changing. Consider this: 62% of consumers say they lack trust in how brands use their data, yet 76% of consumers still expect personalized experiences. So when we think about the consumers we market to today, we must be both smart and respectful to ensure we create relationships that last.


In this year’s Marketing Cloud keynote, “Intelligent Marketing for the Empowered Consumer,” Salesforce leaders discussed the concept of the "empowered consumer" and how marketers should get to know and understand them. After all, it's essential that today's marketers master this elusive audience wherever they interact, and however they personalize those interactions with AI and engage across the entire consumer journey. The panelists identified three keys steps to accomplishing these objectives — and winning the hearts of all empowered consumers — including: 

  • Unifying all the different types of data that make up the consumer experience, with consumer rights at the core

  • Earning and respecting the trust of consumers in order to use data and AI to successfully personalize each interaction

  • Establishing two-way conversations by listening, optimizing, and engaging based on the needs and desires of customers


New Marketing Cloud Products and Features


Additionally, Salesforce has released several new products and features to help marketers achieve success. Here are some of the innovations that will set you on the right path. However, to see a full list of updates, be sure to check out the Marketing Cloud June 2018 Release Preview webinar, available June 19.


Google Analytics 360

  • Cross-platform consumer journeys: Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 have come together to help marketers create meaningful experiences for consumers. Together, they empower marketers to deliver connected, engaging, and tailored consumer journeys and optimized web experiences to cross-channel audiences.

  • Understand consumer behavior: Marketers are able to see Google Analytics 360 data within the Marketing Cloud UI for a better understanding of end-to-end customer behavior. The advantage offers a more complete view of the customer that brands can use to build more engaging experiences.

  • Analyze marketing impact: Learn whether marketing efforts are resonating with customers across journeys. Through analysis, marketers can develop a clearer understanding of campaign performance and marketing attribution.


Interaction Studio

  • Real-time offer management: Engagement is a two-way street. Real-time offer management lets consumers know you have their needs in mind by ensuring that every step along the customer journey takes them where they want to go.

  • Journey orchestration: Coordinate interactions across every channel for seamless end-to-end journeys.

  • Lifecycle insights: Visualize movement throughout the customer lifecycle and across channels. Get to know your customers better, personalize their experiences across every channel you own, and gain context for engaging with them.


Multichannel Audiences

  • Personalize engagement with intelligence: 75% of consumers expect personalized communications from brands. Marketers can enrich their customer knowledge and personalize customer experiences with consent-based data from consumers.

  • Powered by Einstein: Use best-in-class AI for building lookalike audiences, segmentation, and discovery journey insights.

  • Consistent consumer experience: Intelligently optimize every message and interaction to build one experience across all consumer engagements.


Social Data Platform

  • Einstein-powered insights: Marketers now have access to Einstein-powered social segmentation insights based on consumer, trend, and industry data.

  • Broad social coverage: Marketers can build a complete picture of their customer across their entire journey with insights from millions of sources.

  • Social data integrated across lifecycle: Marketers can now bring together social insights with Service, DMP, and the Digital Command Center for a single, seamless view of their customer — and understand how to best engage with them.

The world of marketing is full of twists, turns, and fast-paced changes. Connections brings together industry experts, innovative partners, and fellow Trailblazers to help marketers discover how to connect with customers in a whole new way. To stay up to date on all the action happening at Connections this week (because there's a ton!), be sure to follow the hashtag #CNX18 on social media.

Also, keep your eyes on the horizon for Dreamforce. Dreamforce 2018 will bring together the most forward-thinking minds across industries to help you turn today’s challenges into exciting opportunities to build lasting relationships with your customers. Register to attend Dreamforce today.