With the first few months of 2017 under your belt, you're hopefully well underway to completing your digital marketing strategy for the year ahead. To help you with the finishing touches, we've assembled some of our most popular posts by subject.

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Customer Journeys and Customer Experience

"The Art and Science of Customer Experience Management"

What is customer experience management? And how can your brand deliver personalized customer journeys similar to those offered by the companies we all admire?

"Marketing in the Age of the Customer"

Providing cohesive, consistent, and relevant 1-to-1 experiences across marketing, sales, and service - on all channels and devices - is no longer a wish for the future. It is readily available to companies of all types, sizes, and industries.

"Best Examples of Customer Loyalty and Retention Marketing"

Though it will always be critical to fill the funnel, it's equally important - and most would agree less expensive - to make sure your existing customers are happy. Here's how.

"Research of 7,000 Consumers and Business Buyers Identifies Customer Experience Trends"

The latest trends on consumer and business buyers and how marketers can adjust their strategies to put the connected customer first.

"The 5 Challenges Keeping Marketers Up at Night"

The Age of the Customer is officially here - but like any major change, these marketing opportunities come with obstacles.

"Three Steps for Eliminating the Silos Between Service and Marketing"LifeLock illustrates how amazing things can happen when brands manage the entire customer experience from starting top-of-funnel acquisition through providing world-class customer service.

Email Marketing

"Email Subject Lines -How to Hit the Jackpot without Rolling the Dice"

How Caesars Entertainment increased average email open rates by 24% and email click-through rates by 46% with subject lines generated through machine learning.

"Effective Email Marketing Strategies from A-to-Z"

Check out this A-to-Z list of easy-to-implement tips every email marketer can use to improve subscriber engagement, delivery rates, opens, and click-throughs.

"5 Most Critical Elements of Every Email"

How a cohesive blend of copy and design - along with a clear picture of your ideal audience - will enable you to build an email process that establishes a connection with subscribers, collects data, and generates results.

"Making Email Pop: Design Secrets to Drive Email Engagement"

With so many channels competing for your audience's precious time, check out these tips to maximize your email marketing campaign efforts and deliver results.

"5 Proven Email Campaigns No Customer Can Resist"

There are countless types of email campaigns to connect with your customer base, but several stand out as crowd-pleasers. Here are the five types of email campaigns customers can't get enough of.

"3 Ways to Acquire Email Addresses with Cross-Channel Marketing"

By utilizing targeted messaging via one channel, and following that up with additional messages through related channels, you significantly increase opportunities for brand engagement and establishing lasting relationships.

Social Media

"Ask the Expert: What Trends Are Shaping the Future of Social Media?"

A one-on-one with Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst for Altimeter Group, on how businesses are leveraging social media and what's next on the horizon.

"5 Key Social Listening Tips for Brand Marketers"

Check out five key social listening tactics that every brand marketer can leverage to create a closer connection to his or her customers.

"How the World's Best Brands Use Marketing Command Centers"

Brands large and small have marketing command centers, including Nestlé, SouthWest Airlines, and Merck. Here's how.

"Should B2B Brands Really Care about Social?"

It turns out B2B customers don't turn off social between the hours of 9 and 5 - and they expect B2B brands to deliver experiences similar to those with a B2C focus.

"Turning Customers into Fans: A Look at LIDS Social Strategy"

Whether it's comments on social media or the performance of a new campaign, a look at how everyone on the LIDS team can quickly get up to speed on what's going on and take action.


"Outside the Inbox: How Email Plus Advertising Add Up to Big Benefits"

A look at how a retailer reached 77% more of their subscribers - who were 22% more likely to purchase when reached with an ad - just by targeting their existing email list with advertising.

"How People-Based Marketing Is Transforming Advertising"

A look at how marketers have overcome the inability to resolve identity across hundreds of digital channels and billions of digital devices to execute people-based, rather than device-based, marketing initiatives.

"The Opportunities on Mobile and Facebook for Retail Advertisers"

Today, mobile devices has taken over the advertising world. As of February 2016, the number of devices per person has reached 3.64, globally. In addition, consumers are using mobile devices to perform actions like researching products, shopping for clothing, buying groceries, booking traveling, ordering food, and so much more.

"Why Every Marketer Needs a Mobile-Centric CRM Approach to Advertising"

Why advertising strategy requires a mobile seamless experience to reach the right person wherever they may be, and how to achieve this across Google and Facebook.

"Facebook and B2B Advertising: A Great Match"

Facebook advertising is expected to be a key component of the $83 billion in B2B digital marketing and advertising spend this year and solve some of B2B advertisers' challenges with lead generation campaigns.

"Your Digital Advertising Should Integrate with Your Customer Service"

Don't send the wrong message to an already disgruntled customer. Discover how to expunge them from your advertising and/or create custom win-back campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

"25 Best Practices to Drive Mobile Engagement"

In the spirit of the SMS maximum of 160 characters, here are 25 tips and tricks to help you get the most from mobile marketing.

"Mobile Marketing Demystified - What Marketers Need to Know"

Mobile experiences aren't reserved solely for the largest brands. Check out these commonly asked questions about every marketer can get the most from SMS, mobile push, and more.

"4 Redeeming Coupon Tips for Mobile Retailers"

How to use mobile coupon to make customers more likely to visit a store, increase basket size, close the deal if they are wavering, generate loyalty, and build brand awareness.

"Best Practices for SMS Send Volume, Frequency, Timing, and More!"

A summary of 14 retail SMS programs to identify trends and help you get the most out of your mobile SMS marketing.

"Marketing Survey Says: 79% of Marketers Say Mobile Is Core to the Business"

Check out these trends and tactics shaping mobile marketing strategy and on-the-go customer engagement.

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