Email is a powerful tool that's maintained its popularity among marketers for its ROI-generating abilities. Nearly half of marketers surveyed in the Salesforce 2016 State of Marketing Report credit email for directly contributing to their bottom line.

To make the most of this essential channel, growing your subscriber list should be a top priority. A robust email list is your key to creating engagement with potential customers through their inboxes. The more people you reach with your message, the bigger your bump in sales.

Simple, right? But what's the best way to grow a killer email list? Nothing beats a smart landing page to entice your prospects to opt in. Here are four landing page secrets that will help you bump up your subscriber count:

1. Simple Content

The first thing a visitor to your landing page sees is most likely your headline. A larger font helps headline text stand out. Keep things concise and simple when choosing your words. Avoid attention-grabbing phrases in favor of plain language that highlights the value of subscribing to your email list.

Your visual landing page elements should also be clean and attractive. It's important that any images appearing on your page do not distract from its most important feature: the opt-in area. Steer clear of flashy graphics and opt for a simple image that loads quickly.

When it comes to copy, plain and concise drives home the benefits of subscribing. Dedicate your landing page to clearly communicating the value your emails deliver. Mission statements, company overviews, and other general marketing content may seem like appropriate additions, but they distract your visitors from subscribing. Keep your words on task and sell the subscription.

2. Calls to Action with Purpose

The most effective way to capture new email subscribers from your landing page is with a single, specific call to action. Using more than one call to action can create distraction that reduces the odds of your prospects following through with subscribing. Choosing one simple call to action keeps your prospects focused on the goal of your landing page: subscribing.

On point wording transforms a terse command into a powerful motivator. While "Sign up today!" sets an urgent tone, it fails to explain how to sign up, or why signing up is a great idea. In a few concise words, convince your visitors to take action. For example, "Get free marketing tips sent right to your inbox!"

An eye-catching button encouraging prospects to sign up is the most obvious visual element to attract subscribers. A reasonably large, brightly colored rectangle is a great choice that will grab your visitors' attention. Directional cues also help accentuate your call to action. When using a form to capture information, call it out visually on the page.

3. Bragging Rights

Including social proof of your customers' love for your products or services can be a convincing way to gain new subscribers. By featuring subscriber testimonials, you provide authentic feedback about the value you add to your customers' lives. Well-known industry influencers who are willing to share their positive experiences with your brand bring can draw in subscribers with their trustworthy, respected opinions. Bonus points for featuring their photos!

Do you have statistics to back up your value? Show off your impressive numbers on your landing page. Good stats (concisely bulleted and easy to digest) to include are your subscriber numbers, product usage statistics, and social likes and shares.

4. Ongoing Testing

Continually testing your landing pages is the only way to know what's working and what isn't over time. Images, layout, and copy are all variables that can impact how well your page converts. By changing those variables and creating several versions of your landing pages, you can easily measure your click through rate to see which pages perform best.

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