You have an email list that's a valuable asset to your business. You're doing a great job sending out targeted, engaging email campaigns that elicit clicks, purchases or shares. You're also active on social media with a healthy following on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. But, across the social platforms, you're not seeing the same ROI that you get from email. So, you ask yourself the question of the day:

What if I could leverage the power of my engaged social audience to grow my email subscriber base?

Well, for a long time, email marketing and social media marketing were thought of as two distinctly different channels for marketers. But, what if we were able to bring these two vastly powerful marketing channels together to help build and grow one other?

Today, that's exactly what we can and should do. Using your social media channels to grow your email list isn't a "nice to have" anymore, it's a necessary piece of your marketing playbook. In this post, we'll look at 5 tactics you can use to grow your email list using your social media channels.

#1: Use a simple sign-up form on Facebook

Regardless of what people are saying about its traction, with over 1.71 billion users, Facebook is still one of them most powerful social channels out there. Giving Facebook users an easy way to get on your email list is important. This is where the sign-up button comes in.

As you can see, the biggest call to action for Facebook went from liking the page to signing up for the email list, allowing your audience to sign up directly from Facebook.

#2: Preview premium content with social channels

If you're already producing premium content utilizing your social channels, it's a great idea to further your reach. Any whitepaper, online course, email series or ebook can be used as premium content that your audience would identify with.

At the risk of boasting: The image above is a perfect example of leveraging a social media audience to grow an email list through premium content. When a user clicks on the link in this post, they're taken to a dedicated landing page specifically created for that post and channel. They're prompted to input their email address and a few other pieces of information. Once they click submit, the file automatically begins downloading. You're providing true value in exchange for their email address.

#3: Hold a contest on Facebook

Facebook contests are an awesome way to engage your audience and boost conversion to grow your email list. The key to this tactic is to really understand what your audience finds valuable, then create a contest around giving away that value.

In the example above, Macy's was trying to market their athletic wear line. They partnered with Frank Sepe to push some of his content around things you can do to live a healthier life. In order to get access to all of the content and get a chance to win a $1,000 gift card for a new fitness wardrobe, you have to enter by submitting your email address. The email address was then added to their mailing list for future promotions.

#4: Utilize Twitter lead generation cards

Twitter cards are a great way to grow your audience. A Twitter card allows you to add rich content to your tweets to help drive traffic to your landing page or website. There are a couple ways this is beneficial for you. Twitter cards essentially allow you to add a call-to-action to your tweets. This will make it very clear to your audience what they're supposed to do with this piece of content.

With just a few lines of code added to your website, you'll be able to leverage twitter cards every time someone shares your content through Twitter. You have the ability to add call to actions for every share, which can turn into an email-capturing machine!

#5: Create a compelling image on Instagram

With over 400M users and a purchase by Facebook, Instagram has become a true player in your marketing mix. It comes with a few limitations as a platform, however. Instagram doesn't allow you to directly link out to other websites like the other major platforms. This was done strategically to protect the integrity of the brand and to push users into the ad platform.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best Instagram marketers out there. He uses a clever tactic to link out to his YouTube videos. He cuts clips of his videos or still images from his videos and posts them to his Instagram account. From there, he links up the content in his bio. The copy of the post also includes a non-linked URL and copy that reads "link in bio." This allows people to either click the link in his bio or copy & paste the URL from the post copy. A little hack to avoid the non-linking issue within Instagram while still driving traffic to your landing page of gated content.

More social media acquisition tips

Social media is a great tool to grow your email list. Your audience there is already engaged and this is a great opportunity to help push them down and through the sales funnel. These 5 tactics will help make sure you're not leaving money on the table.

For tips and tricks on how to use social media to drive cross-channel success, download 50 Social Media Best Practices.