Sometime this fall, Apple will rollout iOS10--and it will have a significant impact on email marketers. There are several notable changes, but a couple that will have email marketers on their toes.

First, the Apple mail app will have an unsubscribe link at the top of the email, similar to Gmail's current setup. This means that consumers who use the default mail app on a iPhone will have an easier time unsubscribing from your lists. Be sure to pay really close attention to your unsubscribe rates before and after the iOS 10 launch.

In addition, email content is going to be pushed down the page, making the preheader and the top of your email body content even more important for grabbing the reader's attention.

With the release of iOS 10, auto-scaling is being removed. This means emails need to be mobile responsive, because Apple is not going to help designers out any more by fixing the image in the inbox. This will add a little more effort on the front end, but ultimately provides control for the marketer, since you will need to know exactly what it looks like on the iPhone.

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