We recently surveyed nearly 6,000 global healthcare consumers about their health insurance expectations. Here are key findings from our Connected Healthcare Consumer report.


Clarity about coverage is critical

Foremost for members: an easy-to-understand explanation of benefits and detailed cost or copayment information. A full 75% say both are very important. Members want to understand which providers, tests, and treatments are covered by their plan. And given the complexity of how healthcare costs are shared, they want payers to thoroughly explain the breakdown so they can better understand what they’ll be responsible for and what their insurer will be covering.


Members want proactive communications

Only one in three members received proactive communication from their insurer. Worse than that, just 8% strongly agree that their insurers send them relevant communications. This is a huge missed opportunity — the vast majority want to hear from payers on cost-saving opportunities and discounts, access to generic prescriptions, and programs specific to their health conditions. In fact, according to the report, more than 80% of people who had health insurance in the past five years wanted to hear about wellness, preventative care, and potential health risks.

Payers can deepen relationships with members with proactive communications at all points in their health journey, boosting their loyalty and likelihood to renew their plan. The members are ready, but is your organization ready to engage them?


Problem-solving should be straightforward

When the going gets tough, members lean hard on your service agents to help them figure out coverage and costs. Friction occurs when they have to repeat information or get bounced from one agent to another.

Members now evaluate insurers on quick access to their records upon making contact. When healthcare solutions are connected, all member information is kept in one place, so agents see details about the member and the issue at hand, leading them to a faster resolution. Your agents are happier with easy access to relevant member information and your members are more satisfied as they get quicker answers with personalized recommendations.


Personalized portals are preferred

Currently, 1 in 5 members already uses self-service portals to communicate with their insurer, and almost everyone else would like to have the option. Members use portals to submit claims and review plan benefits, empowering them in their health journey while freeing up service agents for higher-value tasks. Younger members are even more enthusiastic about portals, with 88% of millennials and Gen Zers saying it’s an important offering.

With 52% of consumers expecting to find whatever they need from a company in three clicks or less, look to streamline your member access to personalized information through your member portal.


Members want to put their trust in payers

Nearly 4 in 10 consumers say they don’t trust insurers but can suggest a few action items that could change their perception. All of them pertain to clear and helpful communications. For example: “Make it easy for me to find answers to basic questions about my coverage and my claims.” “Personalize your communications to me, so they are relevant to my situation or health condition.”Offer me programs that help me keep on track and motivate me to make healthy, cost-effective choices.”

Since 76%of consumers said they might be willing to share nonclinical information about their lives with insurers to decrease their costs, give them programs to engage. Learn about their social barriers and help them close their gaps in care. We believe members are looking for new ways to work with their ensures to address the high cost of healthcare.

Insurers should work toward more transparency and relevant communications so members can optimize their healthcare. In the complete report, consumers have laid out their wishes — let’s work together to make them a reality.


To find out more about what healthcare consumers want, download the full Connected Healthcare Report.