In the last 20 years, more than half of Fortune 500 companies have either disappeared, gone bankrupt, or been acquired due to digital disruption. It’s with this landscape in mind that we recently created a new collection of key themes and trends that most inform the experience customers and employees are seeking from companies, both today and in the very near future. The presentation includes supporting research from more than 13 reports and surveys with 23-thousand respondents ranging from consumers to business leaders.

Keep scrolling for an overview of what we found and be sure to visit the full presentation for a deeper dive.


Customer experience

Mobile. Artificial intelligence. Voice. There’s a myriad of innovative technologies that brands are now using to better know their customers and deliver enhanced engagement with them. And the standards around these are only getting higher.





Trends and research show that a big key to delivering on experiences that meet the consumer expectations of today is figuring out how to know your customers so well, that every interaction they have with your brand and organization is personalized.




Bringing data together

It’s hard to truly comprehend the amount of data that now exists, not to mention the mass quantity that is being generated each and every second. At a business level, it can be and often is truly overwhelming to understand the data around your customers and across an organization.




Future of work

It’s not only data that needs to be removed from silos so companies increase productivity and help employees better deliver on the customer experience. Departments across an organization — marketing, sales, customer service, and beyond — must be enabled to cross-collaborate and work more tightly together.



To view the complete presentation, How to Know Your Customer: A Look Into the Future of Customer Experience, click through the slides below.