Phew! You’ve read through all fifty best practices. Now what? (If you haven’t yet, download it here.)

We realize that fifty is a lot of content to consider, and we want it to be a useful resource for you and your team. Below, we’ve put together three tips for getting the most out of the e-book for you, your department, and beyond. By marking up the e-book, using the goal pages, and sharing with another team you’ll be email best practice experts in no time.


1. Mark it up

Whether you print out the e-book and start making notes, or you download it and get your digital highlighter ready, this tip is for you. Every industry is different and every email team has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of these best practices may be familiar while others might be a challenge that keeps you up at night. Those differences aside, these best practices were made for all types of marketers at all levels. This is your time to celebrate the best practices you’ve already checked-off and double-down on the areas of improvement. Here's a handy key you can use while you mark it up:

✔  Check-off the ones you’ve completed recently. Celebrate these and include them in your 2018 accomplishments

✘  Cross-out the ones that don’t apply to you. Eliminate other distractions and noise for the time being.

◯  Circle the ones that you want to complete this year. These will feed into future planning.


2. Use the goal pages

Now that you’ve targeted which best practices matter the most to you, let’s put them into action. At the back of the book, you’ll find four pages dedicated to planning and mapping your goals. We created these pages with you in mind. This is your chance to start prioritizing what’s important to you. Yes, your team may want to design a methodology (#21) or embrace automation this year (#46), but where do you start?

  • Pick a handful of best practices that you want to target. If some have a similar theme or overlap, group them together.

  • Write those chosen few into the goal pages, and start thinking about the three steps that will help you reach your goal.

  • Share your goal worksheets and join the conversation on Twitter by posting to #emailmarketing and mentioning @marketingcloud



3. Share with another team

With this tip, you’ll check-off number three, “‘get other teams involved”’. Although the e-book targets the challenges of email marketers, a lot of these best practices can have a positive impact on an overall marketing department or a broader organization. At the end of the day, teams from different departments are often working together to achieve common goals.

  • Share the e-book with other teams who touch the email program. Call out specific items you want to target this year and get feedback on which interest them. 

  • Thank another team for helping you check-off a specific best practice. No time like the present to share your gratitude.

  • Use it to kick-off a meeting. You can leverage it as a tool to get the conversation started.


If you haven’t downloaded the e-book yet, get it here. Once you’ve mapped your goals post a photo or discovery from the goals worksheet with #emailmarketing and mention @marketingcloud to join the discussion.