Here's how important the month of November is to the holiday season — by Cyber Monday, one-third of all holiday shopping will be complete. That's a huge chunk of a multibillion dollar pie. In addition, more than 60% of traffic during the month of November will come from mobile, which means retailers must absolutely bring their mobile A game.

And that game plan should include a three-part strategy for bridging the mobile conversion gap. The clock starts now.


#1: Include mobile wallet payment options

On average, sales for retailers who implement a one-tap mobile wallet payment option grow by 14%. Conversion rates for sellers with mobile wallets are double those of non-mobile wallet competitors. It’s easy to see why. Shoppers using mobile wallets are able to skip the tedium of tapping out their personal details on tiny screens — often three pages worth— and save an average of 90 seconds during the checkout process, which is an eternity in mobile commerce.


#2: Improve product “findability”

Mobile shoppers hop on and off their phones, in short bursts, constantly. Make sure you display the most relevant products in as few taps as possible so you don’t waste those micro-visits. How? First, pin the search bar to the top of the page — search bars are nearly twice as effective as icons. Second, offer mobile-friendly filter attributes.  Sites that provide four or more attributes to filter see a 27% higher add-to-cart rate.




#3: Tend to the little details on the little screen

Everyone knows that AI-powered product recommendations are powerful. In fact, shoppers who click recommendations spend five times more per visit. You can Increase your odds of making a sale with some minor design tweaks. For example, placing recommendations between the product description and the reviews on product detail pages has been shown to increase conversion rates by 14%, and add-to-cart rates by 25%. A few other tricks?

  • Use arrows rather than dots to indicate alternate, additional images. Arrows see the highest click rate (23%).

  • Anchor your add-to-cart button at the top of the product page.

  • Make sure tappable areas are 44 by 44 pixels for optimized responses on mobile.


And don’t forget...

Here are a few of our monthly imperatives to keep your holiday planning on track.



  • Give your staff time to rest. Schedule your content and promotions well in advance so your staff gets plenty of R&R at the right time. The holiday season is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Avoid the dreaded “no results found.” If site search doesn’t deliver what the shopper is looking for, use those “no results” content slots to feature holiday gift guides and suggestions.

  • Constantly monitor sales results. If they aren’t what you were expecting, have a contingency plan to course correct in real time.


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