Sales and marketing professionals are often told to craft a compelling but brief “elevator pitch” that they can deliver on demand. They can then expand on those concepts once they’ve lured potential customers in. However, for some businesses, a brief pitch is challenging, since the products or services they sell can’t be easily summarized.

For brands that specialize in complex products, online marketing is likely the best way to convert customers. If you do find the opportunity to show off your elevator pitch, you can hand over a business card and hope prospects visit your website to learn more. Either way, you’ll have information on your site that potential customers will find when they’re researching the products you offer.

To really convince customers, though, you’ll need to make your sales pitch as entertaining and informative as possible. Here are a few ways brands win customers despite selling within a difficult-to-understand area.


Explainer Videos

Explainer videos by their very definition break concepts down using a fun, entertaining format. There are many examples of these videos out there, but the best use animation and graphics to tell a story. The end result is a short, shareable video that can be placed on your website, shared on social media, and sent to prospects who want more information on what you’re selling.

There are services that can help you put an explainer video together, but you’ll still be the ultimate driver of the content you include. No matter what you sell, it’s important to start from your customer’s perspective. What need does your product fulfill in their lives? What will compel them to buy? Even if your product is extremely technical in nature, you’ll likely find that when you start by telling them why it will benefit them, you create a sales pitch that gets results.



Videos are only one way to increase understanding for your customers. Through blog posts on your site, you can invite visitors to learn more In addition to explainer videos, JW Surety Bonds directly addresses the fact that many consumers are confused about the services they provide. The firm embeds explainer videos in its blog posts that describe in easy-to-understand language what a surety bond does. In addition to answering questions from those who visit your site, this type of text-based content can also answer the terms customers enter into search engines, leading to an improved ranking.

“Taking multiple approaches can really help get a message across to customers,” says JD Weisbrot, president of JW Surety Bonds. “We include explainer videos and infographics with our blog posts, giving website visitors the option of getting the information in the way that’s most comfortable for them. The infographic can be shared on social media, along with a link to the blog post, to maximize views.”


Industry-Specific Thought Leadership

If your business deals with a specialized market, one of the best ways to drive customers your way is to establish leadership in your field. When you write informative content that interests others in your industry, you can capture the attention of customers looking for help with those issues. A data science firm could gain traction in the field, for instance, by writing about the role of analytics for major publications read by business owners. That same firm could narrow its reach further by writing for tech publications read by the IT administrators recommending data analytic solutions to the businesses they support.

Establishing solid thought leadership takes time, but you can start by posting informative pieces on your own business blog and expand from there. Social media is a great platform for making the connections you’ll need to request high-profile blog placements. In addition to networking and requesting posts, there are resources for finding sites that will welcome your content, especially if you can provide a level of subject matter expertise that standard bloggers can’t. As you make a name for yourself within your industry, you’ll eventually find that sites are reaching out to you to request blog posts.

Some products and services are more difficult to pitch than others, especially if they require a lengthy explanation. It’s important that sales and marketing groups set up an online presence that includes an easy-to-find description of the items they’re selling. Customers will naturally gravitate there if they want to learn more.