When I am drinking my morning tea, commuting to work, or taking a snack break, which device do you think I have with me? Yes, my mobile device. Of course, I'm indicative of just about everybody, and that's why your advertising strategy requires a seamless experience on mobile and targeting that allows you to reach the right person wherever they may be. Let's look at why and how to achieve this across Google and Facebook, which combined captures 76% of internet advertising spend.

Protecting your customer data and ensuring data privacy should always be top of mind. Germany has some of the most stringent regulations on data protection in the world. This chart by eMarketer shows the most common barrier to programmatic ad buying according to marketing decision-makers in Germany is the lack of: (1) control of their own data, (2) transparency of how the data is used, and (3) clarity about where ads are run. But wait, how does data privacy relate to mobile you say? Well, there are ad platforms that integrate with Salesforce and allow you target your known customers on mobile in a secure way. Facebook and Google both have very clearly defined ways they use your hashed customer data for identity matching without sharing PII data.

Let's start with Google. We recently announced an integration with Google Customer Match at Connections 2016. This allows you to securely connect advertising into the customer journey across search, Youtube, and Gmail ads on whichever device your customers are using in the moment. The chart below shows the growth in clicks on mobile search ads. Clearly advertisers are seeing value in mobile ads because media spend on Google search ads on mobile devices grew 70% year over year in Q2 2016 according to iProspect. Additionally, clicks grew 101% and impressions grew 161%, showing consumers are turning to mobile for discovery.

Another great channel for mobile advertising that integrates with Salesforce is Facebook. According to an IHS report commissioned by the Facebook Audience Network, third party in-app native advertising will generate $8.9 billion in revenue by 2020 or 10.6% of all mobile display advertising. Facebook Audience Network dominates this space and is a $1 billion business with three million advertisers. This opportunity is improved when you activate your customer data. According to the Salesforce Advertising Index Annual Report for 2015, CRM-powered website conversion ads have a 47% higher CTR than traditional targeting on Facebook. Extend the reach of your CRM-driven Facebook advertising into the Facebook Audience Network to acquire and engage more customers.

So, now you know Salesforce securely connects your data to Google and facebook and mobile present a huge opportunity for advertisers. Are you ready to request a demo?