Think back to the last mobile advertisement you saw. On what platform was it delivered? Chances are it was on a platform owned by either Facebook (including Instagram), Google (including YouTube), or a mobile app in the extended ecosystem of each network.

The shift in consumer behavior to smartphones revolutionized the advertising industry. Today, every advertiser needs to carefully consider the mobile experience and its impact on the effectiveness of ads. To illustrate, let's check out some data on how the advertising industry is shifting to digital, and why many consumers are turning to mobile and mobile apps like Instagram.

The advertising industry has changed dramatically in recent years--much of which was driven by programmatic digital advertising. According to PWC, global internet advertising revenue will surpass TV advertising revenue this year and will reach $260.4 billion by 2020. In the U.S. Facebook and Google, dominate ad revenue and each platform has significantly higher year-over-year growth rates compared to the leading TV companies like CBS and Disney.

Much of this internet advertising revenue growth is driven by consumer behavior shifting to mobile. According to a recent comScore webinar, the of share digital commerce on mobile devices reached an all-time high in Q2 2016 at 19.8%. Additionally, 44% of shoppers purchased products on a smartphone, and 82% use retailers' apps. Now more than ever customers are turning to mobile to research, purchase, and evangelize their favorite products and brands--so make sure you are allocating spend towards mobile channels like Instagram.

Instagram is a mobile-first platform that makes it easy to find and share engaging photos and videos. Over the last few months, advertisers on Instagram have started to shift from image ads to video ads, which now make up 25% of total ads on the platform according to a report by Sensor Tower. Advertisers can leverage all of the targeting options as Facebook, including custom and lookalike audiences. For example, Australia Post and its agency, iProspect, use Instagram video ads to promote a new dual-currency prepaid debit card to users that were likely to travel to China. Download our case study to see how they delivered video views at just $0.03 AUD per view at an 11% video view rate.

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