It is clear that the B2B marketing playbook must be rewritten. Today, prospective customers lead their own way through the buying journey — sourcing information about products and services online and through social networks. The scattered discovery process has changed the way people and companies make purchasing decisions.

On the business side, sales and marketing are blurring together like never before. However, many companies are still using multiple tools to manage the various processes that touch both organizations, and bringing them together can be challenging. In order to supercharge the pipeline, sales and marketing teams need to work together, using tools that deliver a unified customer experience. With Salesforce Pardot, they can do just that.

Today at Connections 2016, the Digital Marketing Event of the Year, we’re excited to unveil new Pardot Lightning Components to help sales and marketing sell smarter together. Lightning Components are the reusable building blocks for assembling apps with drag-and-drop ease—enabling companies to develop and customize new business apps that meet their unique needs. Leveraging the capabilities that have made Pardot the #1 B2B marketing automation app for Salesforce customers, marketers can now engage customers smarter to grow faster.

Multiple lead scores and prospect engagement history in Sales Cloud Lightning

Now, Pardot users will be able to build apps that allow them to:

  • Analyze prospect engagement history: Prospect engagement (a whitepaper download, website visit, email open, etc.) will be available as a Lightning component. This component can be added to any app users build on the Salesforce Lightning platform to surface valuable insights into what prospects care about, so sales reps can personalize every interaction. This component will be available later this year.

  • View prospect lead scores across multiple products: Multiple-product lead scoring makes it easy for companies that have more than one business unit or product to manage multiple sales cycles with a single prospect. Multiple-product scoring helps companies anticipate what the prospect needs next, deliver relevant offers to every prospect and understand which upsell and cross-sell opportunities will convert. Multiple product lead scoring is available today as a component, and can be embedded directly into Sales Cloud Lightning so that sales reps have insight into what products and services prospects are interested in, and how engaged they are with each.

  • Empower reps to nurture their own pipeline: Prospect engagement alerts automatically notify a salesperson when one of their prospects is showing interest, allowing them to nurture their own pipeline with fresh marketing approved content, and to report on the impact directly within Salesforce or their email client. We’re extending this capability to be available as a Lightning component, which will be available later this year.

"The tight integration between Pardot and Salesforce CRM has certainly led to greater alignment between our marketing and sales departments,” said Chris Vitti, VP of Digital Marketing, Intralinks. “With the implementation and launch of Pardot at Intralinks, we are now able to provide our sales reps with significantly greater visibility into our marketing campaigns.”

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