Advertising Studio enables you to securely connect your data in Salesforce to reach audiences through your DSP and DMP for display via our on-boarding partners, LiveRamp, Krux, Neustar, Viant, and, for email ads, LiveIntent. Because our number one value is Trust, we sat down with a few of these data on-boarding partners for a discussion on how data in the age of the customer influences advertising and privacy and what lies ahead for the industry.

The panel was moderated by John Ebbert, CEO of AdExchanger, and consisted of Bill Schild EVP from Viant, Justin Schuster VP of LiveRamp, and Michael Schoen VP of Neustar signed up for this power session, allowing the audience to ask them about DMPs, CRM data, integration, and privacy.

Any digital strategist knows they are sitting on a wealth of data and past learning's that should be used to inform their next marketing endeavors. With a plethora of customer data it would be a disservice to them and our profession to not use it- as Schoen of Neustar commented 'Data should focus on enablement and protection, personalizing engagement' - hear hear.

Discussion was around CRM data and what clever things can be done with it in marketing. As Schild stated, "Historically, CRM data was all about email - Salesforce enabled this data for marketing and it's the best time to be testing this tech" - email has gone full circle and is the key to unlocking these audiences.

This focused on taking your personally identifiable information (PII) and CRM data stored in Salesforce and using SHA-256 to securely send it to a data on-boarding partner to help connect traditional display advertising to the rest of your advertising and marketing. You could have millions of contacts securely processed and seamlessly on-boarded in minutes.

Online data can look at things such as cookies, IP and email. Offline could be geographical area, postal address, or bills for example. This is then matched with your source CRM data, using email as the interlocking point and a match rate is processed based on how many people can be, well... matched up.

This on-boarding is an amazing way to close the gap between the on and offline worlds and drive even further efficiencies with your marketing.

But 'hey' I hear you say, I'm a B2B company - what about moi? Target the individuals of the company over the company at large. Test differing strategies. As Schuster discussed, the match rates can be very high for B2B CRM data but as this is personalized advertising, it depends on the quality of the data you are bringing to the table and the age of the cookies.

How much CRM data do you need in the first place? This is really subjective. If it is tiny - fewer than 1,000 email addresses - nothing is wrong with this; you're not small, just highly targeted. Alternatively use it as a source audience for a lookalike - whatever you do, use it.

Use Salesforce Advertising Studio to create the link between CRM and DMP and have this data updated every day automatically - perfect to enable deeper analytics and testing.

As interesting as this was, the moralistic factor needs to be considered. What exactly is too far? Say you run a health care company - should you target people you know have been unwell? Schuster responded to this, 'You need the human element; so much can be automated but you still need human judgement and we need to apply our conscious instincts to marketing campaigns' - this is so important to both our own ethos and trust in our brand.

Key takeaway: - no longer is it good enough to use blast marketing with broad targeting. It's really just lazy marketing and frankly a tad embarrassing - use your data.

See Advertising Studio Audiences in action. Watch the demo!