Halloween is upon us. This Friday over 160 million people will celebrate by dressing up, giving out candy, attending parties, and covering porches in spooky decorations.

We've been listened to Halloween social media buzz using Radian6 social listening data over the past 30 days, and created the infographic below with key Halloween trends this year. We also included some interesting spending statistics from NRF.

Below is a Slideshare with the full social analysis including the top 20 costumes, social mentions over time, and more insights. Google also recently published it's own Halloween data based on Google search data, which we included in the Slideshare presentation. Top Halloween costumes by Google searches revolved around pop culture references with many Frozen characters in the top five and the Ninja Turtles, Maleficent, and Avengers characters all making the top 10.

Our analysis, though, was ranked by social mentions of Halloween costumes. The most popular costumes by social mentions were more traditional "spooky" Halloween costumes like witches, pirates, ghosts, and zombies. The difference between Google searches and social data is likely due to the difference in intentions. I would guess that most people searching for Frozen or TMNT costumes were searching for their children who do not have social accounts. People talking about costumes on social media, though, are likely discussing their own costume ideas and plans, providing the discrepancy between Google search data and social listening data.

Check out the Slideshare below for more spooky Halloween data:

Halloween by the Numbers #Infographic: Top Stats, Social Trends, and Insights from Salesforce Marketing Cloud