To celebrate Women's History Month, we'll be publishing inspirational, female-focused content throughout the month of March. Enjoy!

A new infographic from Finances Online and Ruby Media Corporation depicts some impressive stats about male vs. female use of social media. In checking out their sources and data points, I discovered:
  • More women use the top social media channels than men in almost every network, except LinkedIn
  • 33% of US online adult females use Pinterest, compared to 8% of men
  • 76% of US online adult females use Facebook, compared to 66% of men
  • 24% of US online male adults use LinkedIn, compared to 19% of females
  • Brands are more likely to get a response on social media from females vs. males: 54% of females will show support for a brand and 53% will access offers, compared to 44% and 36% of males, respectively
  • Women get more news from social media than men: 58% of women do this, compared to 42% of men

These stats are interesting for any brand with a presence on social media. Now you know that visual networks like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr may be among the best in your arsenal to reach female consumers, and well-targeted advertising campaigns on social channels like Twitter and Facebook have the potential to reach many US women.

In other gender statistics, recent ExactTarget Marketing Cloud mobile research found:

  • Males are significantly more likely than females to scan a coupon or QR code to get quick access to information (56% of males do this, vs. 39% of females)
  • Females are significantly more likely to like or follow a brand on social media to receive coupons or deals (71% of females said they did this, vs. 63% of consumers overall), corroborating the findings from the social media infographic.

Check out our State of Mobile Behavior Infographic and the supporting research found in the 2014 Mobile Behavior Report for more stats on how males vs. females use digital tools, from social to mobile to email.

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