How we communicate and find information is constantly evolving. We see this with social media, with mobile messaging, and with recent upgrades to Google search and their Hummingbird search algorithm. Yet, with all of these new mediums, email newsletters continue to provide the consistency and relevancy that all brands need.

These email newsletters do not need to be the same as the ones your grandmother got back in 2005. The email newsletter has evolved considerably over the years and can be nearly as dynamic and engaging as your website, blog, and social media channels. For us, newsletters become a two-way communication channel between a company and its customers and prospects.

Extend the reach of your content
Your audience puts just as much thought into what they share as you do. So make it easy for your audience to share the piece of content that really resonates with them. With all the noise and content we are inundated with on a daily basis, we all need to find ways to extend the reach and life of our content.

Provide your audience with the proper tools to share your content in a way that works for them: segment your content, provide connections to all social media platforms and make it easy to share. This is especially important with the recent changes to the frequency of page posts on Facebook's News Feed and the increased usage of LinkedIn. Approach your newsletter like you do your website and blog, empower your reader to talk about your brand, and let them know that you are listening to what they are sharing.

Emphasize the good
When someone comments on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, why not feature those conversations in your newsletter? You work hard to get feedback from your customers, so don't be afraid to use those conversations to amplify your messaging.

Even more importantly, you can use the conversations you feature to drive even more engagement. Lots of posts fill a typical social feed every day, yet much of your audience may miss what is being said because they are not online at that moment to see it. Email newsletters infused with social content are the perfect way to bring this information directly to the inbox of your customers and prospects.

Use email newsletters to overcome your SEO and content challenges
If you are having a hard time adapting and meeting the demands of creating Google-friendly content, your newsletters are an ideal way to provide a landing zone for the Google search bot. Build an archive of newsletters that is connected to your website and you now have a source of frequently updated and keyword rich content that search engines like to see.

Newsletters are the key to making the investment in your content strategy complete. As an ExactTarget HubExchange App, ContentMX is easily added to your marketing tool kit. We would be happy to discuss how we can tailor a content marketing strategy specifically for you. We can even provide a free 500 word article written just for you to incorporate in your newsletter just for giving it a try.

Jeff Mesnik has nearly 20 years of experience in high tech and marketing. Jeff leads ContentMX, whose mission is to increase engagement, multiply impressions, and expand a contact database to achieve tangible results, incorporating both email and social into a new age marketing platform. ContentMX is a HubExchange partner. With ContentMX's HubExchange App Content Marketing its easy to define and implement a content marketing strategy across blogs, email newsletters, and social media with an intuitive content marketing platform. Check out the app now!