Before your HR team uses social media to promote new job postings and seek out job candidates, they must think about how they're portraying their brand on social channels. What impression will job candidates get when they look at your website and social profiles?

Showcasing yourself is a key differentiator for organizations vying for the attention of today's social-savvy generation of job candidates.

Here's how to show off your company via social media to get those job candidates interested in your brand.

Showcase your work
Take stock of the content you've produced. Every press release, blog post, whitepaper, or case study you share can attract potential employees. Package up this content in ways that are bite-size, easily shareable, and in a variety of media. Showcase your brand's work as much as possible. Everyone wants to be a part of a company that's changing the world together. Does that sound like your organization?

Showcase your employees
Your employees are the heart of your brand. Both prospective customers and employees will form a stronger connection with you if they are better able to put a human face on your organization.

Showcase your employees by including them on your "About Us" page. You could introduce your executives, blog team, or the entire company. Whatever you decide, it should display your unique culture and attract the type of personality that fits with your organization. Have your "About Us" page inspire your audience to connect with you on social media, including LinkedIn, network of choice for job seekers.

Do more than introduce your employees, however. Leverage social media by sharing their success stories via Facebook, interview them for YouTube, and link to their personal Twitter handles.

Showcase your culture
Company culture is a vital part of your recruiting strategy. Zappos gets thousands of applications for every posting they release. Why? Their corporate culture is on full display. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are ideal outlets to showcase why employees enjoy working for you.

Are you giving employees time off to volunteer with their favorite causes? Any cool events taking place at your company picnic? Capture those moments and experiences and share them on your social channels.

Marc Bernica of Bright Horizons notes that culture is so important that hiring teams need to take ownership and communicate company culture from the first interview to ensure the right candidates are found.

"Many have the skills, fewer have the attitude. The right culture fit is what get's you hired." he says. HR teams taking ownership of company culture by showcasing it across social media will have even greater success in bringing those proper fits to the interview table.