The Doctor is in at Connections! The event, held in Chicago June 12-14, is bringing together thousands of Trailblazers across the digital marketing, commerce, customer service, and healthcare and life sciences industries (HLS). Join thousands of your industry peers for a three-day journey at Connections. Take a scalpel to surgically uncover the latest trends across HLS, learn the ins and outs of all things digital innovation, and share your own experiences creating better, smarter patient and customer engagements.


Rethink How You Build Patient Relationships at the HLS Supersession


The Future of Healthcare: Build Relationships for Better Outcomes with speaker Joshua Newman, MD
Wednesday, June 13, 2:00 pm

Patients and members are like everyone else in our connected world: they expect personalized communication and service. These customer behaviors, along with rapidly changing regulations and technology, compel healthcare and life sciences organizations to rethink traditional marketing. Can a billboard or office visit alone help you be more competitive, boost satisfaction, and compel healthier behavior? Hear Salesforce's Chief Medical Officer, Joshua Newman MD MSHS, share how a unified platform brings people, systems, and data together to transform the customer journey.


Join Your Peers in HLS Breakout Sessions 


Transform the Patient Experience in the Access Center with speaker Erik Wagner

Today’s patients expect a faster, more connected healthcare experience. This demand is challenging provider organizations to think of patients as consumers and to truly understand the person behind the patient. Hear how Salesforce is enabling providers to transform the patient experience across their organizations, from care team collaboration and patient access centers to administrative functions — all while gaining important insights that support population health management and value-based care initiatives.


Meet Them Where They Are: A Common Sense Approach to Healthcare Consumerism with speaker Erik Wagner

It wasn't that long ago when healthcare consumerism was still a fringe topic, just beginning to find its voice. Today, it’s a full-throated chorus created by consultants, technology companies, and industry media, leaving many health systems confused about how best to move forward. We will discuss how health systems can keep things simple by focusing on healthcare consumers when they are actually acting like consumers.


Deepen Your Connection with Members to Drive Retention and Loyalty with speakers Issam Zeinoun & Mike Luessi

Today's members expect you to understand their needs and provide personalized continued guidance. Employers recognize this and seek plans that engage with members throughout their journey. Join us to see how health plans are meeting their members across channels and devices with timely, relevant, and personalized support for plan selection, utilization, cost estimation, and network navigation. With Salesforce you can drive, enhance, and even enrich cross-channel experiences to distinguish your brand and create members for life.


Salesforce for Life Sciences: Transform the Life Science Customer Experience with speaker Michael Schwartz

Today’s patients and providers expect modern, intelligent, and engaging customer experiences from the companies they interact with. Pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies have an opportunity to create compelling consumer experiences for their patients that provide education, access, and support. Hear how leading life science companies are enriching patient and provider relationships with personalized, omnichannel engagement, 1:1 journeys, and connected applications, gaining valuable patient insights to drive their strategies into the future.


Salesforce for Life Sciences: Build Personal, Long Term Patient Relationships with speaker Michael Schwartz

Life science companies are making the transformation to customer-centric business processes. In the new era of no-see physicians and high consumer expectations, pharma and med device companies must deliver amazing customer experience and support across all the channels their customers use: mobile, online, email, phone, and in person. Hear how industry leaders are using Salesforce to define and personalize the customer experience, delivering top-notch support to their patient and providers.


Gain Valuable Advice with Zone Theatre Sessions


Deliver Personalized Digital Experiences to Create 1:1 Patient Journeys with speakers Kevin Stuck & Erik Wagner

Build enduring patient relationships by giving them personalized, 1-to-1 experiences across every touchpoint, from acquisition through care coordination and ongoing engagement. Join Salesforce and Silverline industry experts to learn how leading healthcare organizations are engaging with their patients in a whole new way to transform the entire patient journey.


Leveraging Population Health to Optimize Market Reach in Healthcare with speakers Kevin Stuck & Issam Zeinoun

Learn how leading healthcare organizations are levering population health data and digital marketing to grow their market and services reach. See how member and patient journeys are creating a consumer-focused model to improve the patient experience and drive loyalty and satisfaction. A senior PwC healthcare practice leader will join the conversation to show how customers have succeeded with Salesforce.


Delivering Personalized Patient Engagement in the Contact Center with speakers Katie Wu and Keith Hamrick

With patient expectations on the rise, delivering personalized service to ensure patients feel cared for is more important than ever. Creating an engaging patient experience across digital and traditional channels to ensure better health outcomes is a critical for provider success. Learn how providers are using Salesforce to deliver a more personalized, engaging experiences for their patients.


Modernizing the Approach to Targeted Patient Acquisition

Marketing departments in provider organizations are looking for a new and innovative way of engaging with unknown audiences in the digital space. Increasingly, providers are taking a more diversified approach to reduce emphasis on traditional marketing channels (like print, radio, and billboard) and embrace the potential of more targeted and personalized digital marketing and advertising. Join us as we demonstrate how providers are using Salesforce to unify data and content around the customer to deliver the right message at the right time and on the right channel. Learn how providers optimize their marketing spend while meeting rising consumer expectations around personalization and multichannel engagement.


Experience the Latest Industry Demos in the Campground


Health Cloud for Life Sciences: Personalize the Patient Care Journey with speakers Jason Martial and Brad Nelson

Patients overwhelmingly value support services from life science companies that deliver medications and devices, but they want this experience to be personalized, connected, and mobile. Hear how Salesforce Health Cloud is helping life science companies transform the patient experience while gaining important insights that support patient adherence, population health management, and value-based care.


Health Cloud for Payers: Deliver an Engaging Member Experience

Members look to insurers and plan administrators for coverage, guidance, and support as they navigate their unique healthcare journeys. Learn how Salesforce makes it easier than ever to deliver the right message at the right time, whether it's though your call center, marketing, or self-service channels. 


Personalize Your Patient Access Contact Center

Connect with Salesforce experts during this demonstration to see how you can deliver exceptional service to your patients by personalizing the access center and scheduling experience.


Transform the Home Healthcare Experience

Join this demonstration of solutions that enable home healthcare organizations to tailor support for care management, scheduling, and on-site resources.


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