Have you ever been envious of multitaskers who, somehow, are able to stay on top of everything and know what's going on at all times? Well, I’d bet they don’t do this on their own. Likely, they have some help from things like mobile apps that make their lives a little easier — making it look simple. Folks, I’m here to help you run your marketing from your phone with the Marketing Cloud Mobile App.

In honor of the app’s first birthday on May 10th, we’ve created a video to celebrate all that it has accomplished this past year.

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#1. The first feature I love about this app is that it’s free. WHAT? Yes, we couldn’t put a price tag on the confidence you’ll feel being able to track and understand the progress of your marketing programs anywhere, anytime.

#2. It’s available for both Android and Apple users. We have our release notes broken down into two sections for your convenience. Read what’s available for each mobile device. Learn more >

#3. Your feedback is important and is highly valued. In fact, nine unique features have been added this past year, thanks to user feedback. Have more feedback? Please let us know at https://www.getfeedback.com/r/GrOsRaAQ/ or directly in the app.

#4. Nothing is more valuable than being able to take a quick action in a pinch. Features like pause, resume, and canceling emails puts your mind at ease when you are away from your desktop.

#5. The home dashboard is a great way to stay on top of every campaign. It shows your most recent emails, automations, SMS campaigns, and journeys. You can also favorite an email and track it from the home dashboard too. It’s really a one-stop shop when it comes to tracking your performance.

#6. Shout out to all the Marketing Cloud admins! Your job can be a hassle sometimes, and on top of managing a marketing program, you likely deal with multiple users on a daily basis. Fear no more — the mobile app has plenty of user management features like password resets and activating locked-out users.

#7. Approvals are a great way to keep your team on track and ensure you are sending the perfect email. With the mobile app, you can do everything from initiating the approval process to submitting the approval and sending the email.

#8. Email Studio recently introduced a new send flow that allows you to send with confidence. Guess what? The mobile app took advantage of this send flow as well and has it available in a mobile optimized form for your convenience. Take a look at how the email will render for any subscriber. Preview the email for both a desktop and mobile device. Once it’s ready to roll, easily choose your audience and send the email, all from your mobile device.

And that, my friends, is how you run your marketing from your phone. If you are a Marketing Cloud user and have more questions, please reach out to us in the Success Community. We’ll be posting user guides after every release, as well, to help onboard you on the latest features.