So you have a content plan, right?

Producing bland content and promoting it like crazy wouldn't help you stand out. There is a war for attention so you can't afford to lose your customers with only a few seconds to make a difference.

Turn your visitors into customers and develop a long-term relationship with content that stands out.

1. Rinse and Freshen up content

A great content initiative starts with evaluating what's performing. Find out topics that resonate the with your audience. Esteban Kolsky, CEO of Thinkjar shares that 86% of consumers are willing to pay for an upgraded experience.

Research around your sources of customer information, starting from reports to Case studies for providing an upgraded experience. Have a solid back created with various sources of information and look at the opportunities to uncover questions which affect the customer.

2. Understand customers’ perspective

Ever felt you are being to direct and sales-y in your content? Talking about the solutions will only make you sound repetitive.

It is crucial to change your voice and understand the customer expectations.

You might consider conducting a survey and dig through analytics data to uncover customer insights.   

Seeing through fresh eyes will help you zero in as per the content your customers are looking for and channelize your efforts.

3. Nurture throughout the funnel

According to Bain & Company, engaging customers equals 40% more revenue per person.  A solid content marketing strategy focuses on balancing content efforts to ensure engagement throughout the customer journey.

Top-of-funnel - The content has broad appeal and seeks to gain the attention of the target audience.

Middle - It seeks to engage the audience and promotes them to take action.

Bottom - Focuses on providing a definitive answer.

Frequently marketers feel pressured to produce content for the top of the funnel and the bottom, as the content links directly with the revenue.

But a majority of efforts are required to engage visitors and convert them from visitors to leads. It makes sense to create awesome top of funnel content, but also to work on the messy middle.

Similarly, if you see visitors landing on your blog but it's not helping you achieve sales, it's time to focus on the bottom of the funnel. A well-balanced funnel will guide customers to take a purchase decision while offering relevant content at the right time.

4. Try a different format

Another way to ramp up your content efforts is changing the structure. If you have high-quality content, try out a varied format.

Try breaking up a blog post, into a visually stunning infographic. If a white paper isn't getting any downloads, create blog posts to support the asset.

Add a fun element with images and GIFs.

Experimentation can be helpful to create snackable content for your customers and keep them engaged (shoo away boredom).

5.  Humanize your content

Customers look for content which is authentic and leads them to discover more. Creating that unique human voice is worth the efforts and will help you stand out from the competition.

Look at GE. The global technology giant brings out stories rather than going all technical. Creating stories works better to convey the underlying message.

User-generated content, such as photos and videos can be gathered to create a compelling content piece. An excellent example of this is GoPro, where they enable customers to capture their daring adventures.

Take a look at this spectacular stunt:

Create irresistible content

If you think sheer distribution will do the trick; it's easy to get stuck. A smart way to ensure your content is all spruced up is to be research driven, consider customer concerns, experiment with newer formats and add in a unique voice to create authentic content.


Lavanya Loomba is a content writer and marketer. He covers topics related to technology and innovations in the world of digital & social media. He can be found making cartoons and painting t-shirts in his spare time. Get in touch with him via Twitter or Linkedin.