Today's connected customers expect personalized and relevant experiences, leading marketers to intelligently use customer data to fuel their advertising strategy, targeting and messaging. While much of digital advertising historically has been built for a PC and web browser world powered by cookies, today we live on our smartphones. Mobile commands the largest share (54%) of our digital time, and we spend 90% of that time in mobile apps.

In addition to mobile, CMOs expect digital advertising to be coordinated seamlessly with the rest of the customer journey, including marketing channels like email, mobile, social and web, but also customer engagement with service and sales. To achieve this at scale, brands need a solution that provides a single view of their customer across all these touch points, so that they can deliver smarter 1-to-1 journeys. We know this approach of coordinating channels seamlessly produces great results. A customer that coordinated its Facebook advertising with email both increased reach 77% and saw a 22% increase in purchase intent for customers exposed to messages in both email and ads.

Today, Salesforce announced Advertising Studio, its new advertising solution, which allows users to leverage Salesforce CRM data to deploy smarter digital advertising across the open display ecosystem through LiveRamp, Krux, Neustar, Viant, and LiveIntent; and across leading platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

By integrating with Google's Customer Match API, users of the Advertising Studio can:

  • Reach their highest-value customers -- those that are part of loyalty programs or are regular shoppers -- at critical moments, like when searching for other products and services, watching YouTube or reading Gmail
  • Generate Similar Audiences to reach new customers on YouTube and Gmail who are likely to be interested in key products and services
  • Save money on search advertising, by ensuring that they're only reaching true prospects, not existing customers

The ability to reach important customers (i.e., email openers from the last seven days, loyalty card holders, or recent purchasers of a product) and people similar to them, allows for more powerful and relevant advertising across the board. And now, investments in search engine marketing can be better coordinated with the rest of the customer journey.

At Connections, we also announced the expansion of the Advertising Studio to include:

  • Automated lead capture from Facebook Lead Ads for creating a virtuous lead generation engine
  • Lightweight Facebook campaigns right from within Journey Builder, allowing non-media teams to enhance their marketing efforts with ads

Customers have already been using our solutions to connect their advertising to their customer's journey across devices. Today, customers can:

  • Activate their data across every conceivable channel, from Facebook and Twitter; to open display via LiveRamp, Viant, Neustar and Krux; and in-email advertising through LiveIntent
  • Directly manage their advertising campaigns at scale across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as the Facebook Audience Network for mobile apps and the mobile web.

This subsequently helps them to:

  • Find new customers in these platforms that look like their best customers
  • Increase the reach and performance of their email campaigns
  • Re-engage customers through a new set of channels
  • Suppress advertising to people who have bought, or who have open customer service issues
  • Co-ordinate their digital advertising with the rest of their marketing, sales and service efforts.

Salesforce has a history of leadership and innovation in digital advertising. We are a partner to all of the major major audience platforms, including Facebook where we are a Facebook Marketing Partner across Ad Technology, Content Marketing, Community Management and Audience Onboarding. Additionally, Salesforce was a launch partner of Instagram's Advertising Platform, Twitter's Ads API program, LinkedIn's Sponsored Updates program as well as the newly announced Google Customer Match program.

Advertising and CRM were meant to work together, now they can. To learn more about Advertising Studio, request a demo today.