Unless you moonlight as a rock star, presidential candidate, or famous quarterback, you may never know the experience of performing for thousands of screaming fans. But marketers have the opportunity to create those same enraptured audiences—around their brands.

Great content, beautifully designed emails, and powerful analytics tools are critical steps in the right direction. But unless you have an audience on tap, you're performing for an empty auditorium.

ExactTarget's award-winning SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS research series has released an unprecedented new report on cross-channel audience growth: The Audience Growth Survey. Here's a sneak peek of the findings:

The new research dives deep into the tactics marketers say are currently working most effectively to engage audience members across email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and mobile apps. The report then explains the results, including:

  • Chart visualizations of the most effective tactics
  • Marketers' top objectives for each channel
  • Recommendations on how to use emerging marketing tactics

Take a look for yourself, and see how marketers are currently growing the best digital audiences. View the report now.