In these unprecedented times, marketers have a unique opportunity to support their customers and communities. The staggering demands of pivoting a business model during this crisis are forcing marketers to rethink months of work in a few weeks or even days. Doing this right requires strong planning and execution, vigorous collaboration, and open feedback loops.

That’s why we launched a new Marketing Cloudcast series, Leading Through Change. This podcast initiative echos the blog content series and will feature ways marketers can guide their communities through this period of uncertainty. Hosts Megan Collins and Tina Rozul will speak with experts on topics such as reimagining digital events, how to best leverage your various marketing channels to engage your customers, and prioritizing wellness for self-care while motivating your team. 

In this first episode of the series, we cover how to make rapid organizational changes while being mindful of our humanity. This includes carving out time for self-care like meditation.

Listen in to hear from:

  • Hayley Nelson, VP of Content Marketing at Salesforce, describes how her team is pivoting to a more agile style of collaboration to enable empathetic content.

  • Brian Helfrich, CEO and Owner of Summit Coffee, shares how he had to lean on his community, show empathy for both his customers and his employees and pivot quickly to save his business.

  • Wally Bruner, Director of Solutions Engineering Talent Development at Salesforce, describes Transcendental Meditation, which he regularly practices and shares with his team.


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