Today we announce our first class of Marketing Champions, individuals who have achieved expert-level product knowledge and serve as active and involved leaders in the Trailblazer Community. This group will begin a year full of opportunity and career development that amplifies their voices and honors their contributions to help others in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Let’s meet the 2020 Marketing Champions.

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What makes a Marketing Champion?

All marketers are storytellers, artists, tinkerers, and scientists by nature. So what sets Marketing Champions apart?

These marketers have a wealth of expertise in Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Datorama. They’ve dedicated countless hours to upskill with Salesforce Certifications. With this knowledge, they drive sophisticated product implementations and bring strategic marketing wisdom to their businesses. They’re also committed to helping others thrive in the Trailblazer Community. They pay it forward by curating educational resources on Salesforce products, sharing best practices at workshops and User Group Meetups, and mentoring the next generation of Trailblazers.

If you have a question about the product you’re adopting, need advice on studying for your next certification exam, or want to brainstorm on this quarter’s big bet campaign, a Marketing Champion can help you figure it out. 


How can I connect with the Marketing Champions?

Marketing Champions are ready to help you and your team achieve marketing success with Salesforce. Here’s where you can find them:


How can I celebrate with the Marketing Champions?

Follow #MarketingChampions on Twitter as we feature individual champions and learn from the trails they continue to blaze.

See a marketer you know in our first class of Marketing Champions? Share this blog on Twitter to give a virtual high-five to the Marketing Champion you’d like to recognize!