Every summer, interns at MuleSoft tackle diverse projects –– from designing new features to building connections with prospective clients. We just wrapped up our internships at what is now MuleSoft, a Salesforce company, where we were lucky to receive a 2-for-1 experience: reaping the benefits of being a part of Futureforce — Salesforce’s robust internship program — while also getting to work within the smaller, more intimate environment of the MuleSoft organization. Here’s a quick look at how we all spent our summer.


Daniel McCormick, Account Development

“This was actually my second summer as an intern on the account development team. The opportunity to be a strategic partner on this team has been a game changer for me. I worked with people  across various departments – from account executives to solutions consultants to customer success managers – in order to drive opportunities in the pipeline. I was put on the strategic account team and was trusted to own my own book of business. I can’t imagine another internship program that provides this level of trust, responsibility, and respect to interns.”














Ching-Yi Lin, Software Engineering

“As a software engineering intern, I was able to write production code for a new product and help design features to improve user experiences. Our team has  daily stand-up meetings where everyone shares what they did the day before and what they plan to do today. I remember feeling a mixture of happiness and anxiety at my first meeting because I was so junior and thought I wouldn’t have anything good to say. But everyone on the team welcomed me right away.  Since then, I’ve enjoyed every moment spent with the team.”


Danny Goldman, Industry and Solutions Marketing

“I have loved being a part of the MuleSoft product marketing team. I got to lead and develop a go-to-market (GTM) strategy and messaging for the human resources (HR) digital transformation. I also worked on a variety of projects focused on the public sector, including leading our GTM strategy and sales plays for HR. It has been challenging but incredibly rewarding work. I am proud of the fact that the materials I am leaving behind will enable all of our account teams across the globe to pursue HR and government opportunities more effectively and generate more revenue for the business.”  


Megan Brazil, Field Marketing

“Working with the field marketing team has been such a valuable and eye-opening experience. I had the opportunity to not only learn from that  team but also from Muleys across departments like PR, industry marketing, and the digital team – just to name a few. I also worked side-by-side with my team to plan and execute MuleSoft Summits, API Workshops, and Lunch & Learns. I also collected data for these events  to measure success and then use those insights to implement changes for increased success in the future.”


Krishna Kalubandi, Software Engineering


“I spent my summer working on the Anypoint Message Queue, a distributed message queue service that is spread across various parts of the world. I find it fascinating that our platform handles millions of transactions. The most interesting part of the job is knowing that our work has such a  massive impact. Overall, I feel like MuleSoft is a place where you get to be a part of a small team solving complex challenges while also getting a holistic view of product development — along with unlimited fun!”


Brett Rabenou, Account Development


“My day-to-day on the account development team consisted of doing account research and reaching out to key mobilizers within those accounts. Because MuleSoft’s product is highly technical, my conversations tended to be educative and consultative in nature. I found this to be both challenging and extremely interesting. No two conversations you have with prospects will ever be the same, and you always have to be ready to pivot your own point of view. I’ve never seen another organization put such a large investment and trust in their interns. As a result, we interns are positioned to make an immediate and significant impact on MuleSoft’s business.”

Natalie Nagorski, Recruiting and Customer Marketing

“My internship was focused on content creation. I had the unique experience of writing for two teams this summer: the recruitment marketing team at Salesforce and the customer marketing at MuleSoft. Working cross-functionally for both teams has been great; learning about different aspects of the business has helped me build a richer understanding of the organization at-large.



Early on in  my internship I found myself at a lunch meeting with the other interns and Greg Schott, MuleSoft’s CEO. One of the  interns turned to Greg and asked, ‘Can I be radically candid with you for a second? Greg responded, ‘Absolutely!’ Just weeks later at a Salesforce team offsite, my manager’s boss turned to me after a meeting and asked for my input on the team’s strategy. That type of trust and attention that mentors give to  interns is amazing. The dual concepts of radical candor at MuleSoft and trust at Salesforce aren’t just jargon; they really speak to the way people treat each other here.”


If you want  to be surrounded by the best people in tech and have a summer experience that will push you to new heights, then MuleSoft is the place for you! Check out our open internship positions and feel free to drop any of us a note to learn more about our MuleSoft internship experience.