Today is a special Trailblazer Community celebration, full of joy and gratitude for the 200+ Salesforce MVPs that go above and beyond to help everyone succeed in our ecosystem! We’re so happy to welcome our 2020 class of Salesforce MVPs, congratulate our returning MVPs, and welcome new members to the Hall of Fame after five or more years of amazing contributions. 

As we celebrate, we also want to be sure all our customers (and soon-to-be-customers) know why and how to engage with these special Trailblazers. Whether you’re a business leader who is new to the ecosystem or a seasoned developer, Salesforce MVPs can help you and your team achieve success with Salesforce. 

Let’s kick off with some Salesforce executives sharing gratitude for all our Salesforce MVPs do. Then, read on to learn more about Salesforce MVPs, get connected, and join the celebration! 


How can Salesforce MVPs help me?

These community leaders are customers and partners, nominated by the community for their exceptional contributions to help fellow Trailblazers learn, connect, have fun, and give back together. Salesforce MVPs are platform experts who embrace our culture and values, and they spend countless hours paying it forward. They answer questions, write blogs, share expertise at events, lead local groups, mentor new Trailblazers, and more. Here are a few ways to see Salesforce MVPs in action: 


How do I connect with Salesforce MVPs?

Visit our Salesforce MVP page to see all the new, returning, and Hall of Fame members. You can find Salesforce MVPs near you, zero in on specific product interests, learn more about them through their profiles, and connect via the Trailblazer Community and social. You can also connect with our newly minted 2020 Salesforce MVPs, listed below, via our warm welcome post on the Trailblazer Community. 


How can I join the Salesforce MVP Celebration?

There’s no party like a Trailblazer Community social celebration. Join us on Twitter with #SalesforceMVP to see the community come together for a big, global group hug. Throughout the day, we’ll share fun facts and congratulations with our 30+ new Salesforce MVPs, thanks to our 140+ renewed Salesforce MVPs, and eternal gratitude with our Hall of Fame members. This will be a great way to experience the tremendous passion we share for giving back and the deep gratitude that unites us, sets us apart, and makes us a global force for good.

Meet a few Salesforce MVPs and how they go above and beyond to help the Trailblazer Community.