Salesforce recently caught up with Tom Puthiyamadam, the New York-based Digital Services Leader at PwC to find out how artificial intelligence (AI), connected sensors, and other innovations are changing the game for customer experience. Research shows that customers have record-high expectations of receiving great experiences as they interact with companies — yet are disappointed half of the time.

Here are four ways Puthiyamadam suggests creating more dynamic experiences for your customers:


1. Forget journeys and personas


The traditional way for a company to plan great experiences is to sort its customers by personas, then map out the typical customer journey for each of those different groups. Today, it’s possible to not only know each customer individually but also to know what they’re doing in real time — thanks to smartphones, sensors, and other innovations. While it’s important to respect people’s privacy and preferences, this opens up new ways to deliver more dynamic customer experiences.


2. Enlist the help of AI


It’s a tantalizing thought to use technology to better understand your customers’ daily movements and potential needs, but actually doing so would quickly become a superhuman task as their numbers increase. The solution may be to use AI to observe a large number of irregular activities and provide recommendations to staff — or directly to customers — about actions to take. For instance, a resort could use its understanding of a guest’s morning workout to deliver a cold towel at just the right moment to make their day.


3. Increase internal connectivity


Many businesses would struggle to dynamically adjust the way they interact with customers, even if they knew exactly what they were doing and what they needed. Their internal processes and structures are simply too rigid, and the disconnect between departments can make it difficult to change direction on the fly and meet customer expectations. Using technology to increase internal connectivity and flexibility can help translate the data from across a variety of departments into effective mobilization.


4. Consider a new business model


Customers have a habit of switching to businesses that present a new offer they like. Recent research shows that 67% of customers say their standard for good experiences is higher than ever. A report from PwC reveals that 32% of consumers would stop doing business with a brand they love after just one bad experience. To make sure they’re switching to you — and not someone else — consider whether the profound technology changes coming via today’s Fourth Industrial Revolution could enable you to launch an entirely new business model. You might just disrupt your market.

For further insights on how AI drives dynamic customer experience, see the full interview on the Salesforce Newsroom.