The latest Marketing Cloud release went live on June 23 – and is packed with new features to help marketers create more personalized customer journeys, gain a full view of customers across known and unknown interactions, and send customers emails with confidence. Take a moment to watch our New Feature Overview to learn more about these updates as well as our new two-step login process. 

If you don't have time to read the full product release notes, here are a few must-know highlights: 


Reach Customers and Prospects on LinkedIn

Through our Advertising Studio Integration with LinkedIn, you can now reach customers and prospects on the professional network with personalized advertising driven by your own CRM data.

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Send Emails With Confidence

Through the Litmus Previews Integration on Marketing Cloud, you can preview emails across 70+ browsers, devices, and email clients all within the content builder workflow.

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Personalize Journeys Across Channels

Salesforce DMP and Email Studio come together to help marketers personalize customer journeys across multiple channels like never before, using data and insights from prior email and advertising campaigns.

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Organize Journeys Better Than Ever Before

With new Journey Folders, you can quickly and easily organize your saved journeys directly from the Journey Builder dashboard, so they're easier to find and re-use down the road.  

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