There is quite a bit that goes into establishing a world-class social team — developing strategy, enabling stakeholders, launching social campaigns, engaging followers, listening for insights, and connecting social media strategy to overall business goals — just to name a few. The next step involves social teams and leaders finding a social partner who will give them the best chance at meeting these objectives. But how do you choose a vendor that empowers you to meet objectives and, in addition, provides ROI?

Before you can set your social program up for success, it is important to understand what activities are truly driving ROI in social. Is it content marketing, social insights, or advocacy and retention efforts such as social customer service? Recently, Salesforce teamed up with Altimeter to publish a study focusing on this very topic, the ROI of social media management. Check out this infographic to understand what social tactics drive social ROI and what functionality you need in a social platform to excel.  

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