We’re in a new era of computing - one that is defined by artificial intelligence. AI will transform our economies, reshape consumer expectations and change how we work. With Salesforce Einstein, we are bringing AI to our customers and delivering the world’s smartest CRM. Built directly into the Salesforce Platform, Einstein delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales reps, service agents and marketers directly in their workflow, making them smarter and more productive.

Behind every single AI-powered recommendation is data--to get accurate recommendations, you need good data. In our AI powered world, data takes on even greater importance.

In light of this, Salesforce is expanding its data strategy to bring best-in-breed data providers directly to our customers.
Today, I’m excited to announce two new data partners on the AppExchange:

  • Bombora, a leading provider of B2B intent data, delivers valuable buying signals that can be automatically matched and added to the account records in Salesforce. Bombora monitors the content consumption of nearly 3 million companies across thousands of premium B2B websites. They recognize when accounts are actively researching one or more of over 3,200 topics and intelligently surface that content within Salesforce. With this, salespeople and marketers can improve prospecting, personalize content and orchestrate account based sales and marketing efforts. The Bombora data package is available today on the AppExchange.
  • HG Data, the world’s largest collection of data about what technologies a company has installed, gives sales and marketing teams insights about which hardware, software and services are deployed within a company. With that information directly in the relevant Salesforce record, marketers can create personalized campaigns based on what technology the company is already using, and sales teams are armed with the information needed to help close more deals. The HG Data package will be available the first half of 2017 on the AppExchange.

These new data packages leverage new features in the Salesforce platform that allow for integration of data sources into the customer’s org with clicks, not code. Customers will be able to make smarter recommendations, built on better, more targeted data—improving CRM user adoption and ROI. Instead of having to invest in custom-built integrations, wrangle data manually from flat files, or settle for working with data in silos, customers can now use the power of Salesforce and Einstein to gain deeper insights from their data, while making it actionable for users across the organization.

Best of all, we’re just getting started and will be adding more data providers throughout the year. If there’s a type of data or a data provider that you’d like us to add, please let us know.