There are some powerful and much anticipated updates to Marketing Cloud across our Studios and Builders with this release. This is our final release of the year as we go into holiday lock-down to ensure we finish out the year strong!

Customer requests to fill product gaps have been a top priority. Two highly requested features that we've delivered in this release are SSL (Secured Socket Layer) for Landing Pages/Microsites and the ability to preview an email against Audience Builder.

We have our October 2016 New Feature Overview for customers on Wednesday, November 9th. This webinar will cover the awesome new features in the October 2016 Release. Please register now via this link--you don't want to miss this!

Let's jump into the highlights for this release:

Mobile App Approval Comments: Customers can now comment on Approvals directly on their mobile device, on-the-go, anywhere, anytime. This provides even more functionality with our Mobile App and allows customers to collaborate and send out emails on their own time, from wherever they are. This update will be available approximately two weeks after the release. Learn more!

SSL Support for Landing Pages and Microsites in Web Studio Customers now have increased security options when building Landing Pages and Microsites. SSL secures communications between a server and a client. Customers can create these sites with ease knowing their work is protected, and their subscribers and prospects can know their information is secure. Learn more!

Email Preview with Audience Builder
: Within the Preview and Test step of the Email Creation flow, you can now preview your email against Audience Builder audiences and see what each and every email will look like for this group. Previously the previoew only accounted for lists, groups and data extensions. This feature makes the email creation process even smoother. Learn more!

Facebook Advanced Match: Customers can now increase the advertising match rate of their customer data using new attributes. This feature is especially powerful for B2B and financial services brands and allows customers to target using both primary identifiers like email, mobile phone numbers, and mobile advertiser ID, as well as secondary categories like name, geography, age, and gender. Learn more!

Facebook Lead Capture for Sales Cloud: Customers can now automate leads from Facebook Lead Ads directly into Sales Cloud. Facebook Lead ads allow brands to customize a lead form in Facebook with pre-populated information that individuals already provided to Facebook. Learn more!

Code Snippets: Customers can now work even more efficiently and re-use bits of HTML, Ampscript and Guide Template language into other emails and templates. With increased productivity, customers can quickly re-purpose code and build emails even faster. Learn more!

iOS 10 Support for MobilePush: Customers can now use the SDK with iOS 10. This update changes the handling of push notifications on iOS devices running version 10 or greater. The SDK remains compatible with previous versions of iOS. On devices running version 10, the SDK now uses the new user notification framework. Learn more!

Salesforce Object Activity in Journey Builder: Now it's even easier for Journey Administrators to setup and configure Salesforce Activities, with such enhancements as intuitive selection and mapping for complex data structures. Let's not forget Journey Builder was struck by Lightning with our last release, so customers have an even better UI experience as they build their journeys. Learn more!

Register now for the October 2016 New Feature Overview for customers on Wednesday, November 9th!