Creating inclusive environments across the world is the driving mission of Open For Service, the self-financed non-profit created in 2015 by tech entrepreneur and founder Josh Driver. The initial goal was to promote businesses and organizations in Indiana that welcome all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, race, disability, political, or religious affiliation. Such businesses and organizations can opt in to be registered in the Open For Service directory. Driver has since leaned on a handful of dedicated volunteers - and his growing knowledge of Salesforce solutions - to expand this inspirational program.

Learn more about how Open For Service evolved from a simple sticker campaign to a network of 5,000+ business partners.

Engaging Inspiration with Mobile

Open For Service continues to drive innovation through Driver's clever use of mobile technology and IoT. At a local Indianapolis ice cream store, patrons found a retrofitted rotary phone containing a recorded message prompting them to dial their mobile number into the phone for a mobile coupon that can be redeemed in the store immediately. The coupon is sent via SMS through Marketing Cloud's MobileConnect, and the mobile number is shared across that customer's profile in both Marketing and Sales Cloud - so Open For Service can learn more about its communities and deliver 1-to-1 communications.

Building an App to Build a Community

But Driver and team didn't stop there. They also developed an app with the help of Salesforce's Eric Goldman and Rachel Cowgill. This app will help people quickly locate local businesses and organizations that welcome all people. There are currently over 5,000 businesses registered. Open For Service utilizes Google listing APIs, directly pulls data into its CRM system, and automatically updates each contact within Salesforce. The app uses Heroku Connect to bring this important data to app users.

Open For Service takes it a step further and plans to proactively reach out to app users who are near a registered business or organization. By the end of 2016, app users with push notifications and locations enabled will be able to experience Open For Service in a fun and exciting way - and even receive exclusive offers. Powered by MobilePush, the app will utilize the Journey Builder for Apps SDK to get access to features like geolocation and beacons to build brand awareness for their on-the-go community.

Making Connections Across Channels

Open for Service founder Josh Driver notes that connections between people are what have allowed the organization to grow so quickly - and that Salesforce is a big help in facilitating those connections.

"Thanks to Salesforce and its suite of products, what started out as just a sticker campaign has now grown to become an active community that helps marginalized groups connect with resources to eliminate the fear of being turned away," Driver says. "The ability to connect with everyone using multiple marketing channels helps to spread our mission - while at the same time answering the growing question: 'As an LGBT person, how can I live where I am and continue to thrive safely?'"

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