There's no denying that, for most consumers, mobile technology is now a major part of daily life. First Midwest Bank recognized the role of mobile in its own customers' day-to-day, and in response, it rolled out a mobile optimized business strategy using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Chicago-based First Midwest Bank provides financial resources, commercial expertise, and wealth management to a diverse customer base - from small families to large corporations. "The Bank with Momentum" constantly seeks ways to propel its customers forward.

"The efficiencies we're gaining by providing a communications platform that our clients want is a wonderful marriage of technologies," said Jack Nick, Senior Vice President and Digital Experience Manager.

The Realization For a Mobile First Approach

When First Midwest clients started asking about a mobile banking app, company leaders took notice and gauged demand for mobile banking among all existing customers.

With the help of Marketing Cloud, First Midwest Bank first used email to send communications about their new mobile solutions. Client response was overwhelmingly positive - so mobile became the company's logical next step in their online facelift.

First Midwest Bank created a mobile banking platform and mobile app, but it still needed a way to engage clients across email and mobile to drive banking demand.

The Go-to Marketing Strategy

At launch, First Midwest Bank used email, SMS programs, online banking ads, and its website to publicize mobile opt-in and acquire mobile customers.

These promotions asked customers to text "MOBILE" to a short code for exclusive spot on the "first to know" list. After mobile banking platform and app activation, customers received SMS messages through MobileConnect asking them to respond with "Android" or "iPhone" for a link to the correct app for their mobile device - making it quick and easy to download the app.

To increase mobile banking awareness and participation, a mobile-friendly CloudPages landing page was created, on which staff was trained to enter a client's contact info and device type. A submission of the form triggered the SMS prompts to download.

The bank also launched a franchise-wide lobby campaign that introduced mobile banking to all of its traditional branch clients. Posters, fliers, and other collateral were displayed in bank lobbies to drive mobile engagement with the "MOBILE" text-in code.

In addition to using SMS to acquire users and promote its mobile banking platform, First Midwest Bank also uses SMS and APIs to send keyword response messages. Users can text in a number of different keywords to First Midwest's shortcode to receive text messages containing their balance, transaction history, and much more.

Mobile Marketing Results

First Midwest Bank's integration of mobile into its banking platform makes the company available to its clients in every way. With a goal of 30,000 mobile customers for the year, First Midwest Bank surpassed 35,000 clients in just three months.

Since introducing mobile options, First Midwest Bank has seen a great response from clients and more engagement with the bank. Clients who use the short code to opt-in to the mobile campaign account for nearly 10% of all mobile app downloads.

This success began with the bank's pre-launch communication and continues today, with:

  • 30% open rate of pre-launch emails
  • 6% click rate of pre-launch emails
  • 20% of online banking customers joining the "first to know" list
  • 95% of online banking customers responding to the mobile device prompt
  • 10% of new customers resulting from continued opt-in with short code

First Midwest Bank keeps up its momentum by focusing on customers first, with support from the Customer Success Platform.

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