The just-released 2014 Mobile Behavior Report revealed key data about how consumers are currently using their mobile devices. For example, we discovered that 83% of consumers say a seamless experience across all devices is somewhat or very important, and consumers most frequently associate the word "mobile" with a smartphone, not a tablet.

We also discovered a few interesting facts about consumers' adoption of branded marketing messages to their mobile devices (like text messages, push notifications, QR codes, and more). Consumers were hesitant to reveal too much private information and give too much leeway to brands, but of those who opted in, many found them useful and successful in conveying time-sensitive information on-the-go. For example, although adoption by consumers is low (54% have actually opted in to receive text messages from a brand), text messaging is seen as somewhat or very useful by 91% of users who actually subscribe to a brand’s texts.

This infographic takes a look at additional findings from this research. Check out these insights into the current state of what consumers prefer to do, download, avoid, and peruse on mobile devices.



These data points just scratch the surface of the findings in the 2014 Mobile Behavior Report. Download the full research for more on simultaneous device usage, downloading mobile apps, and more.

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