A mobile moment happens every time someone uses their mobile device to search for something and a brand has the opportunity to respond. Forrester estimates that there are 30 billion mobile moments each day in the United States, and tens of billions more around the world.


Each of these moments represents an opportunity for a brand to connect with a customer. But what’s the best way to do that? By creating a smooth mobile journey that addresses the customer’s needs, of course.


We’ve all had mobile moments ourselves, and we know they can be fleeting, as we tap from app to app and swipe from site to site. The key for a brand is to seize the small window of opportunity within each mobile moment and catch the interest of a consumer before they’re lost to a competitor, their social feeds, or videos of surfing dogs.


Mobile-focused marketing automation software can enable brands to capture these mobile moments to engage customers and drive conversion. Here are four ways to make the most of every mobile moment:


Start conversations with customers anytime through text messaging

If your customers have opted in for SMS messages, then your brand has a very native mobile channel at its fingertips. Using CRM data, you can create and automate text campaigns for every part of the customer journey: outbound, responses, information capture, multimedia, and more. These texts can also be sent automatically, based on real-time mobile engagement data, to ensure each customer is reached at the perfect mobile moment.


Timely text messages, such as time-sensitive ads or travel notifications, don’t have to be merely promotional — they can be genuinely helpful. Today’s customers are used to having on-demand information at their fingertips, and reaching them with relevant content at the right place and time can make a meaningful difference.


Alert customers to sales events with push notifications

With a mobile app, brands can use push notifications to engage customers instantly. Customers tend to embrace mobile notifications when they provide relevant and timely information.


Exclusive sales, seasonal bundles, and special events are all things your customers want push notifications for. Leveraging user profiles built from CRM data, you can even segment your customer base to target different audiences with personalized push notifications that automatically react to real-time mobile activity.


Connect with customers through geotargeting

If you aren’t requesting customer geolocation on your brand’s website or mobile app, then you’re missing out on delivering the richest mobile moment experiences possible. Customers who share their location with your brand are sharing their trust with you, and you can reward them with geo-targeted content that provides exceptional value.


With geotargeting, it’s possible to create geo-fenced push notifications for sales and events that automatically send to customers whenever they enter or exit targeted physical spaces. By setting up Bluetooth beacon devices at your location, you can deliver high-proximity geotargeted messages within mere feet.


Schedule campaigns and analyze customer engagement with automation

Text message campaigns, push notifications, and geotargeting can all be automated and linked to your CRM. With your mobile marketing efforts fully scheduled and automated, your brand will never miss an opportunity to turn mobile moments into customer journeys that convert. Plus, by analyzing customer activity and campaign performance, you can instantly make adjustments to engage customers even better.


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