We heard a lot of people say that 2018 was the best Dreamforce ever. What made it so great? Maybe it was because our customer service attendees heard some of our most compelling content yet about how Service Cloud helps companies help their customers. Maybe it was because of the sunny weather (we definitely lucked out there). Or maybe it was the epic performances at Dreamfest (never a dull moment there). Most likely, it was a little bit of all three, plus so much more.

For attendees who needed assistance while they were at Dreamforce ‘18 — including questions about our product — DFHelp probably tops the list. There were many places at Dreamforce, and in our events mobile app, where we let attendees know that DFHelp was available to help them solve their problems. Behind the success of DFHelp was our Customer Experience Center (CEC). The CEC was created in less than six weeks by a dream team of experts from our Customer Success Group, who are responsible for customer enablement and product adoption. They used Service Cloud products and technologies to build the CEC, our fully operational, on-site contact center where agents answered attendee questions. The CEC, which made use of Community Cloud and Einstein Bots, was setup to demonstrate what the Salesforce platform is capable of: giving people a robust, multi-channel resource for getting answers to their questions. I’m so excited to share the story of how we put it all together and highlight some of the results.


Built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform

The Lightning Platform empowers all types of developers at every level with the tools and services they need to get the job done quickly and that’s why we used it to build the CEC. We also used Lightning Flow to guide our onsite customer service agents through predefined workflows that extend the power of process automation to any customer or employee experience. Lightning Flow allowed DFHelp to reduce wait times for customers, digitize business workflows, and improve team productivity.


Enhanced with self-service from Community Cloud

To help deliver a richer customer experience, we also added Community Cloud to DFHelp. Using out-of-the-box templates, we set up a rich digital experience quickly and easily. To enhance the customer experience, we used the Help Center Template from Community Cloud. It offers a public-facing, self-service portal where customers can search a knowledge base for answers to their questions. It reduces the load on customer experience agents and gives customers the satisfaction of finding their own solutions. The result? Attendees at Dreamforce ‘18 had more than 140,000 Knowledge sessions, referencing 452 articles in total to find answers to their questions.


Intelligent, personalized service with Einstein Bots

This year, we integrated Service Cloud and Einstein Bots for Service directly into DFHelp. By handling all the routine requests, bots helped free up our onsite agents to deal with more complex issues. Bots also gathered information from customers before agents began a chat, enabling faster case resolution. During Dreamforce ‘18, Einstein Bots handled the lion's share of service questions — nearly 22,000 cases — opening up traditional DFHelp channels for more hands-on, higher-touch cases. In total, nearly 22,000 cases were resolved using bots alone, with 157 escalated from bots to agents. Nearly 11,000 customer inputs (utterances) were asked throughout the week. You can learn more about the ways Einstein Bots helped attendees at Dreamforce ‘18 in our chat-bot demo.


A personalized experience from anywhere

The DFHelp channel of choice at Dreamforce ‘18 was SMS (enabled by LiveMessage) with agents handling nearly 900 direct SMS messages from attendees. All the SMS activity provided a great opportunity to show the benefits of Apple Business Chat, our newly launched product. Dreamforce ‘18 attendees using iPhone Messages enjoyed real-time features like the “Read” or “Delivered” notifications and the dot-dot-dot typing indicator that lets customers know an agent is in the process of responding. SMS channels were such a hit that, over the course of the four-day event, our agents handled 1,169 SMS sessions, including 892 SMS (LiveMessage), 191 Chat (Live Agent), and 129 Apple Business Chat sessions. Attendees were also able to experience the deep integration with Apple device features — like Maps, Siri, Search, and Apple Pay — to get contextual, personalized service on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.


We know there’s no way to quantify which Dreamforce is the best one ever, but based on the positive feedback, this year’s Customer Experience Center sure seems like the best one yet. And in my book, that’s reason enough to declare 2018 the best Dreamforce ever.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend Dreamforce ‘18 in person, you can still experience the customer service innovation, education, and inspiration. We’ve brought together the best of Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning in a collection of videos — available to you on-demand.


To learn more about Service Cloud and how it can help transform your customer and agent experiences, go to salesforce.com/servicecloud.