It’s a new year – and with that, comes new beginnings. For CloudCraze, that means the launch of our latest software release, Winter ’18, which is a culmination of continued platform advancement and innovation.

We closed out 2017 with a bang at Dreamforce, the largest Salesforce conference in the world and an amazing punctuation to a high-growth year for our company. At Dreamforce, we highlighted our technology’s evolution, new and exciting partnerships with industry leaders, and most importantly, the inspiring stories of our valued customers. This includes sessions featuring global eCommerce and business leaders from Adidas, Land O’ Lakes, Symantec, Tyco, Univar and WABCO, which you can watch on demand at our 2017 Dreamforce Sessions page.

CloudCraze Winter ’18 Software Release Offers Even More Sophisticated B2B Selling Capabilities

The Winter ’18 software release, dubbed CloudCraze Commerce 4.8, focuses on advancing our core software. CloudCraze Commerce 4.8 furthers our vision to put customers at the center of our clients’ businesses and innovation.

Over the year’s, we’ve powered B2B commerce for the world’s most demanding customers and have learned that today’s winners operate with a different set of rules. To be truly disruptive, businesses must transform to a Customer-First Commerce model.

Our Winter ’18 platform update allows our customers to embrace this new business model (and others) and user experience, to gain a competitive advantage. Highlights from this release include:

  • API Expansion: Completes harmonization and depth of APIs across Wishlist, Cart, Order and Site Experience.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Includes SEO-friendly URLs for both inbound and outbound requests, and crawler support for Product Detail Page, ensuring your products are visible to existing and new customers in search engine results.
  • Tiered Pricing: Simplifies and enhances administration and merchandising for products sold in different tiers.
  • Content Authoring: Allows business users to create, manage and publish rich content pages, and includes version management and translations.

Our Winter ’18 release, CloudCraze Commerce 4.8, expands the capabilities and agility that CloudCraze offers the market and our valued customers. It represents the first of many innovations and investment CloudCraze is spearheading this year.

You can expect 2018 will be a year of continued product depth and expanded capabilities to meet the demands of the B2B economy, your brand and customers.