We get it, really we do. Twitter is addicting. Pulling down to refresh that feed, seeing a new shiny tweet pop up out of nowhere, it’s all a bit magical. Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams should all win gold medals — or at least start a band.

But, there’s a monster problem lurking amongst the magic: Who should you follow? More importantly, how do you keep up with the content that matters? With over 500 million tweets sent every day, the danger of missing out on the good stuff is real.

Fear not thumbs! We pulled a few all-nighters and combed through the massive list of Trailblazers worth following. (Author’s note: Picking just six individuals was no easy task, but our editor told us a list of 600 might be a tad too lengthy.) Without further ado, here are six Trailblazers to help kick off your journey! You’re going to want to hit that “Follow” button ASAP.


@danieljpeter, Daniel Peter, Salesforce MVP and Bay Area Developer Group Leader

Reason to follow: Looking for a one-stop feed full of Salesforce community highlights? Daniel’s a fantastic resource. Closely connected to user group leaders across the globe, he’s an enthusiastic and knowledgeable expert on all things Salesforce. Be prepared to see content from inspiring Trailblazers in every pocket of the world.

Bonus incentive: Daniel lives in the Bay Area and frequently shares breaking tech news/developments.


@CherFeldman, Cheryl Feldman, Salesforce MVP and User Group Leader

Reason to follow: Merriam-Webster Dictionary must have had Cheryl in mind when they rolled out the definition for “inspirational.” In October, Cheryl published a blog article titled: “How Salesforce Changed My Life for the Better.” In it, she reveals a very personal account of her journey from failing math student to Salesforce force of nature. It’s been retweeted over 100 times. She continues to use her own journey to inspire Salesforce users of all kinds.

Bonus incentive: Cheryl loves bringing people together. She’s even introduced a few future best friends.


@SalesforceAmy, Amy Oplinger, Salesforce MVP and Cleveland Women In Tech Leader

Reason to follow: Talk is cheap; real talk is priceless. When it comes to telling it like it is, Amy has us all beat. If you’re looking for frank tips, candid advice, and an authentic leader, you’ve found her. (Wasn’t that easy?)

Bonus incentive: Amy may be one of the biggest advocates for women in tech. She’s a fearless female leader doing all she can to empower other females in the Cleveland area to be the boldest, best versions of themselves. That’s powerful.


@Kwongerific, Brian Kwong, Salesforce MVP and self-proclaimed “Salesforce Wizard”

Reason to follow: Want a little humor with your Salesforce? Kaboom, meet Brian. While he’s serious about the power of Salesforce, he never takes himself too seriously. The balance is a thing of beauty.

Bonus incentive: C’mon – the wizard hat in his profile photo says it all.


@sfdcgeek, Benjamin Bolopue, Salesforce MVP and Certified Salesforce Admin

Reason to follow: Prepare to have all your wildest tech questions answered. Ben is a certified Salesforce admin, which basically means he can out Salesforce the best of them. Typical tweets include links to tech solutions, business news, Salesforce MVP announcements, and friendly “howdy’s.”

Bonus incentive: Birthdays are a big deal for Ben. He’s the master of the happy birthday GIF.


@ericdresh, Eric Dreshfield, Salesforce MVP and Southern Indiana Salesforce User Group Leader and Founder of Midwest Dreamin’

Reason to follow: There are some serious motivational moments happening over on Eric’s feed. He’s a master of the uplifting tweet — whether tossing around quotes, cute puppy photos, or must-read blog posts. Follow Eric if you secretly wish Tony Robbins and Robin Williams’ character from Dead Poets Society could be combined into one incredible person.

Bonus incentive: Eric travels – a lot. Be prepared to ogle photos of his adventures from coast to coast.


Honorable mention: @salesforce


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