It’s not an easy time to work in customer service. Consumers and business buyers alike expect service that’s at once personalized, omni-channel, and mobile — but the reality is that many teams still struggle to meet these expectations. If you’ve ever wondered how your customer service organization compares to those at other companies, you’re not alone.

Salesforce Research conducted a worldwide survey of over 2,600 service professionals to discover everything from the most common challenges to habits of top service teams. From those findings, we’ve devised a short online assessment to allow anyone in the customer service industry to see how their team scores.

Take this quick self-assessment to see how your service team stacks up.

The full “State of Service” research report covers this in much more depth, but here are a few quick hallmarks of top service teams:

  • 88% of high-performing service teams agree they empower agents to go off script to create a better customer experience.

  • 62% of high-performing service teams use artificial intelligence. 

  • 67% of high-performing service teams expect the Internet of Things/connected products to have a substantial impact on their customer service by 2020.

  • 88% of high-performing service teams rate a shared single view of the customer as very important to their overall service process.

  • 77% of high-performing service teams use mobile apps to interact with customers. 

  • 91% of high-performing service teams agree they proactively engage with customers. 

This last point about proactive engagement is especially crucial given customers’ elevated expectations. A separate study of connected customers revealed that three-quarters of business buyers and more than half (51%) of consumers expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before customers make contact.

Find out how your service team rates now and then download the “State of Service” report for a closer look.