Here at Salesforce, we're laser focused on customer success. That's been our driving mission from day one and it has fueled our growth as the world’s fastest growing top five enterprise software company and the #1 CRM provider globally.

As part of that, we're constantly innovating to help our customers connect with their customers in entirely new ways — whether that's building AI into our platform with Einstein, introducing our customers to living documents from Quip, or launching new apps like Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud.

A critical aspect of our innovation is the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform, which was built to be open and standards based, allowing our customers to customize their Salesforce experience by connecting to data and apps from within the Salesforce ecosystem.

That's why we're thrilled that today during F8, Facebook announced new integrations that connect Salesforce, including our new productivity suite, Quip, with Workplace. By bringing together Salesforce's Intelligent Customer Success Platform with Facebook's collaboration platform, we're empowering customers to work faster, smarter and be more productive across our platforms.

Smart living documents and CRM data with Workplace

Users can now preview the latest CRM data, such as customer records, insights from Salesforce Einstein or progress on top deals, directly from the Workplace interface and instantly access Salesforce with a single click. Additionally, teams can access any Quip document they're collaborating on—from shared to-do lists to strategic project plans—right within Workplace.

This is just the beginning of what you'll see from Workplace and Salesforce — we're looking forward to continuing to evolve our partnership to make our mutual customers more successful. At Salesforce, we're enabling our customers to work faster, smarter and be more productive — and we're excited to partner with Facebook to further this shared vision.