Have you checked out Forbes’ list of the 100 World’s Most Valuable Brands? These brands span a broad variety of industries — including high tech, media, fashion, and automotive — and have been recognized for exceptional delivery of their brand promise.

But 85 of the world’s 100 most valuable brands also have one more thing common: Salesforce. That’s right, 85 of those 100 most valuable companies use Salesforce to run their businesses and reach customers in new ways.

Here's what 11 of those 85 companies say about how valuable Salesforce is to their own valuable brand.

1. Accenture. "Salesforce helps me give all of our clients Accenture on its best day." - Andrew Wilson, CIO, Accenture

2. American Express. "Sales Cloud allows us, in a digital age, to maintain focus on our customers in a faster, simpler way" -Greg Keeley, EVP, Global Corporate Payments, American Express

Read more about how American Express is taking service into the future with Salesforce.

3. AT&T. “Salesforce Communities helps us foster collaboration with our partners to drive channel revenue.” -Sara Straley, Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Pricing, AT&T

See how AT&T is disrupting its own business with Salesforce Communities.

4. Coca-Cola. “Employees shouldn’t be worried about HR issues; they should be focused on the customer. Salesforce lets them do that.” -Rob Grajeda, Director, Global CRM Solutions & Services, Coca-Cola

Learn why Coca-Cola says Salesforce is part of its secret formula.

5. General Electric. “Data is good, but real-time information from Salesforce is better.” -Beth Comstock, CMO, GE

See how Salesforce helps GE truly know its customers.

6. General Motors OnStar. “With Salesforce App Cloud we bridge drivers and merchants, providing real-time offers.” -Mark Lloyd, Consumer Online Officer, GM

7. HP. “We want to drive an integrated end-to-end sales and customer experience that all links together. We can do it thanks to Salesforce.” -Nick Fleming, Director of Global Sales Compensation, HP

Find out more about Salesforce and HP’s partnership.

8. Kellogg's. “We save time and have more time to sell. In two months, we saw almost 300% improvement in employee engagement on our CRM platform.” -Adam LeDonne, Director of Sales Strategy, ​Kellogg’s

Hear how Kellogg’s uses Salesforce to drive sales effectiveness.

9. L’Oréal. “Salesforce is making a big difference as we move from a top-down conversation to personalised engagement.” -Christophe Eymery, Head of Digital and Media, L’Oréal 

See why Salesforce is a vital tool for L’Oréal to understand its customers.

10. Toyota. “In partnership with Salesforce, we are creating a world where a car becomes a friend to its owner… Our alliance with Salesforce is also transforming Toyota’s work style.” -Shigeki Tomoyama, Managing Officer, Toyota Motor Corporation

Take a look at how Toyota and Salesforce are revolutionizing the way we drive.

11. Verizon. "We wanted agility, we wanted the ability to deliver faster, and what we saw in Salesforce was the fact that it was now possible." -Jason Summers, Director, Global Customer Relationship Management, Verizon Enterprise Solution, Verizon 

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