appexchange back officeIn a theater performance, the actors usually get all the glory, but what happens behind the scenes significantly affects the outcome of the show. 

Your business is no different. The back office may not be an obvious moneymaker like the front office, but it’s more important than you realize. With the right infrastructure (and AppExchange apps) in place, your back office can steal the show. Time to get app savvy about the back office.

First, you need to staff the right sales people. Just as a producer must cast the right performers, you must choose the cream of the crop for your front office. With the help of Human Resources apps like Jobscience, you can leverage social, mobile and CRM practices to find the right go-getters to evangelize your brand and products to customers. Jobscience is a recruiting solution that streamlines hiring processes and connects recruiters with the most qualified candidates, so they can focus on determining cultural fit – and discovering the best cast for your business.

Once your sales team is hired, they need the right tools and resources to perform their job (in theater, this would be everything from the script to hair and makeup to costumes). But just as wardrobe malfunctions can derail a show, there are sometimes technology hiccups that might slow your business down. This is where an IT help desk app like BMC RemedyForce would come in handy. RemedyForce provides a platform for cost-effective, streamlined IT assistance, integrating core help desk capabilities into a cloud-based, social platform for state-of-the-art IT service management. With RemedyForce and other IT & Admin apps, you can make sure that no one suffers due to technical difficulties!

And finally, your business probably contains large sets of data distributed across disparate systems that need to be accessed by various individuals at different levels. What you need is a director - someone responsible for taking all of the separate elements of a production and bringing them together into a unified, high-quality performance ready for an appreciative audience. Try an integration app like Informatica Cloud Integration for Salesforce, an app that pulls your ERP apps, databases, files and social sources into one place so you can make informed business decisions. Designed to meet the data integration needs of all users, Informatica will let everyone in your organization easily load, migrate, extract, sync, and replicate data on demand.

With these powerful apps, your back office will shine as bright as your front office stars. For more back office apps in Finance, Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resources, and even Analytics, check out the AppExchange

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