enterprise social platformAs enterprise companies get more social, we move from understanding what's possible to making it a reality. And as more and more companies move forward with platforms like Chatter, success grows from employees who actually use the social platform.

The problem is that a lot of users -- people just like me and you -- don't see the relevance to their work, or simply aren't sure how to get started. There are so many things that can be done -- collaborating on a closing a client, finding experts and content needed, keeping everyone aligned on the latest product development, etc. Because using enterprise social shouldn't be overwhelming, we created this infographic, together with the fine folks at Change Agents Worldwide, to help you navigate your journey.




Salesforce Chatter: Work Out Loud & Love Your Job from Salesforce


While we all have different job descriptions, our foundational methods are similar. Here are four ways you can boost your performance with social platforms like Chatter.

1. Be productive 

With so much information flying past us, sometimes it's hard to know where to focus and what to do about it. And to top it off, there's probably information that already exists that we don't know about which can help us tremendously.

2. Work better as a team

Oftentimes, especially in large distributed teams and across teams, the proverbial right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. We could all work better and faster if we knew what others were up to and shared what we are doing.

3. Access the right experts and information when you need it

Once upon a time, knowing something was enough because information was a sustainable advantage. This no longer works, as information becomes obsolete quickly. Instead of hoarding knowledge, you need to know where to find it. With 2.5 quintillion bits of data produced every day, ability to find what you need is critical.

4. Have your ideas heard

71% of all workers feel disengaged or highly disengaged (Gallup). As engagement levels are dipping lower and lower, employees want to feel like they matter and are in charge of their future. They want to have direct impact on the future of their company and unite behind a common vision.

To achieve each of these goals, we need to evolve the way we work. We need to work out loud. Take a look at this video to see how Sam started working out loud -- and how you can do the same. Thanks to our friends at Change Agents Worldwide for working out loud with us on this collaborative effort, and The Tremendousness Collective for creating the infographic and video.



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