How to use chatter effectivelyIf you are looking to roll out Chatter, increase adoption or just learn how to use the product more effectively, this is the post for you. We have selected some of the best and most informative Chatter presentations from Dreamforce ’12. Take a look and let us know if you have some tips of your own on how to use Chatter more effectively.

1. Rockstar Chatter Roll-outs

Looking for Chatter deployment best practices? You're in the right place. Join us as we discuss the most effective strategies for rolling out Chatter, highlight customer deployment success stories, and help you avoid common pitfalls. In just 60 minutes, this session will ultimately ensure that your Chatter roll out is wildly successful.

2. How Uses Chatter to Make Every Department Social is the most innovative company in the world, and the third-fastest-growing company, according to Forbes. Join us to learn how several different executives use Chatter to make their departments social. Take away practical ideas you can immediately implement at your company.

3. Using Chatter to Drive Collaboration Beyond Your Sales Team

It takes a village to make a sale...Join us to learn how Chatter can drive collaboration not just within your sales organization, but how to break down the silos between other teams across your business--from marketing to legal to service--to help close more deals. Learn how to effectively collaborate with your customers and partners to drive your deals forward.

4. Best Practices for Chatter - The Engine of the Social Enterprise

You want to make your business processes social and increase the social IQ of every employee. What can you do to get ready to best leverage your enterprise's social network? Join us to hear customers share tips, tricks, and best practices for making the most out of Chatter.

5. Bechtel Case Study in Social Enterprise Transformation

Becoming a social enterprise can take on many different forms depending on a companys focus and industry. In this session, Bechtel, one of the most respected engineering, procurement, and construction companies in the world, will discuss how it saw an opportunity to use Chatter to make information valuable and connect the global user population to deliver massive efficiencies on a global scale. Working with cloud services specialist Model Metrics, it outlined a set of custom use cases and value propositions to enhance collaboration across its large, globally distributed workforce. Today, its Chatter Plus deployment to more than 8,000 global employees is delivering efficiencies and resolving issues more quickly. Learn how your organization can become social in ways you never dreamed of.

6. Thought Leader Perspective - The Future of Social Inside the Enterprise

The world is changing quickly, and companies know they have to become social. Join us and get firsthand insight from the industry's leading thinkers about what the future looks like, and what it means for your company and your employees.

7. The 6 Steps to Chatter Success

You know that Chatter can transform your company, and you want to drive engagement across your entire organization. Join us to learn about the Chatter ENGAGE framework, and hear from some of our most successful customers. Get an inside look into top adoption strategies, and hear tips and tricks for execution.