Bill Patterson is an executive vice president and general manager of CRM applications at Salesforce.

Everywhere you look, people are talking about reopening businesses or changing how they work. But how? Since we’ve never experienced something like this before, it’s difficult to know what actions to take. What's clear is that your business processes and technology need to be flexible and adapt to help you weather any number of challenges.

Accenture's Salesforce Business Group Leader, Yusuf Tayob, and I had a conversation about what we’ve learned during the pandemic, and about the creation and maintenance of safe work environments as businesses reopen and begin to reinvent for the new-normal. We developed a five-part video series sharing advice on how to "Plan, Engage, Reopen and Reinvent" as companies manage their employee and customer experiences in the new normal we all face.

While every industry and company will face unique circumstances in returning to the workplace, our series shares best practices from our experiences with manual contact tracing, assessing employee wellness, managing team shifts and schedules, managing workplace access, and more.

In particular, we discussed one of the critical factors in managing employees’ safety and workplaces: having a single hub to coordinate all the new business processes. When your new roles, processes, and workflows are in a central place, all team members can easily access the data they need, collaborate, coordinate resources, and see a holistic view of their organizations. For example, — our collection of workplace readiness solutions and resources —  is integrated with  Accenture’s Digital Worker Platform, where you can also connect and manage your physical spaces and technology ecosystem. This enables your teams to manage space planning, workplace density, and staggered arrival times, all in one place.

Now more than ever, organizations need to build trust with their customers and employees. As employees and customers return to the workplace, it is imperative to have a central platform to safely manage the return. Using flexible and robust technology can help businesses across every industry safely return to the workplace while building trust and resiliency. 

To learn more about reopening and reinventing your business during these challenging times, watch the video series.