Great news: More women than ever are taking on the challenge of starting their own businesses. The number of women-owned businesses has grown 3,000% since 1972, and women-owned businesses with revenues over $1 million grew 46% over the last decade (versus 12% for all U.S. businesses in that same time). That’s huge!

Despite these statistics, women still struggle mightily with the funding gap. Studies show that women founders who apply for bank loans receive 45% less money than their male counterparts (yet produce more revenue per dollar funded). And the Salesforce 2019 SMB Trends Report lists access to capital as the #1 constraint on female small and midsized business leaders. 

This gap can make starting a business a rocky, uphill climb for women. Fortunately, there’s support along the way — and the view from the top is amazing. Here are some free resources we’ve collected to help women on the journey to business and leadership success. 


Free resources for women founders and leaders

Communities and apps

We can all use some extra support. Below are a few great communities — online and mobile — that lift up women entrepreneurs and leaders via networking, mentors, events, and inspiration.

  • PepTalkHer. This app helps you track your career and everyday wins. Just enter all your great #HumbleBrags, then add supporting photos or data. Take it to your annual reviews for positive proof of your workplace prowess. 
  • Ladies Who Launch. Now more than 100,000 members strong, this org seeks to inspire women entrepreneurs with free events, workshops, and resources — like articles, help with business plans, and templates for contractor agreements. 
  • AllRaise. This org offers an absolute wealth of resources for women founders, including Female Founder Office Hours and programs to accelerate women in venture capital.  

Podcasts focused on women in business 

These women-forward podcasts are a fantastic way to fill a window of time. Pick up new strategies, hear from savvy leaders, and learn from the founders getting it done daily.

  • Women in Tech. This podcast amplifies the stories of the many successful women in tech — from founders and investors to engineers and UX/UI designers. 
  • GirlBoss Radio. Hear honest conversations with some pretty fantastic women on what it takes to build a successful career or grow a business with staying power.
  • Being Boss. A podcast for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, this one digs into the mindsets, habits, routines, and tactics that help you make money doing what you love. 
  • The Pitch. Listen as aspiring entrepreneurs pitch to real investors. This is a great way to learn more about venture capital + new ways to tell and sell your story. 
  • Great Women of BusinessEach episode tracks a businesswoman who’s had a profound, yet underappreciated effect on our world. 
  • Secrets of Wealthy WomenLearn how to create a path to success with this podcast designed to "help women empower themselves financially."

Co-working spaces for women 

Co-working spaces with a focus on women and work have popped up all over the globe. They generally offer beautiful spaces, much-needed business resources, various amenities, and safe, cohesive communities. Here are a few favorites.


Funds investing in women founders 

Our own Salesforce Impact Fund invests in the growth of companies tackling issues related to workplace development, equality, sustainability, and the social sector. We asked the fund’s impact investors to recommend a few angels, VCs, and funds that support women entrepreneurs.


Fun follows on Twitter

A simple way to find inspiration and advice is by following some phenomenal women leaders on Twitter. Here are a few powerhouses suggestions; they’re helpful, confident, honest, and real.

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