When big deals are about to hit, or the end-of-quarter sales sprint is in high gear, it's all hands on deck. Sales leaders and executives try to rally the full organization to get deals across the line. But is the rally cry enough? How do you stay on top of critical closing metrics and keep everyone motivated towards hitting top-line revenue goals?


Meet Live Deal Feeds, a part of Quip for Customer 360

Live Deal Feeds send real-time notifications on which deals are closing, which deals are pushing out a quarter, and why. It’s a key use case in Quip for Customer 360, which directly connects productivity tools and CRM to empower teams with collaborative documents and processes. With the Live Deal Feed, there’s no more waiting for weeks after the quarter to share out sales results with the broader team. No more slogging through context-setting emails or meetings to compel non-sales teammates to pitch in on specific deals. Now your entire organization can move at the speed of your sales team!


How it works

Live Deal Feeds display real-time Salesforce data in easy-to-digest tables and charts, combined with a running feed of deal alerts and team conversations. By customizing what appears in the feed (such as which deals to include and which team members to highlight), you can match your top-level strategies to day-to-day results. Plus everything is available in a single, mobile-friendly Quip document, so you can stay on top of closing metrics while on the go.

We debuted the Live Deal Feed within the Quip team earlier this year and the engagement has been incredible.


A quick look at Quip’s Live Deal Feed

Since then, we've rolled out the offering to sales leaders throughout Salesforce, and they are loving it. "Quip has been a game changer in how I accurately run, call, and drive behavior in my business from the start to crunch time in a given quarter. Can’t live without it!” said McLure Foote, SVP, Sales, Salesforce.


3 ways to win with Live Deal Feeds

With 57% of sales reps expecting to miss quota this year, helping your team stay motivated and focused on high-value work is imperative for every organization. Quip for  Customer 360 and Live Deal Feeds are here to help. Here are three ways that Live Deal Feeds can help your team win:

  • Stay on top of closing metrics: See pipeline movement that might otherwise get lost in a report
  • Customize your feeds with key alerts: Get Quip notifications for important Salesforce deal updates
  • Have fun & share success as a team: Cheer wins with emojis, likes, @mentions and GIFs



Automating productivity into CRM processes

The Live Deal Feed is just one use case that leverages the power of Quip for  Customer 360. From Living Account Plans that turn static documents into data-driven strategies, to Collaborative Close Plans that help sales teams close deals faster and keep everyone aligned, Quip for  Customer 360 has you covered. Using Process Builder and Flow, admins can automate Quip actions with clicks (not code), putting productivity and collaboration into the context of your business-critical workflows.


Get started today

With Live Deal Feeds, you can bring visibility to your key deals and create alignment across the extended team. Already using Quip for  Customer 360 at your organization? We’ve built a Flow solution for a basic Live Deal Feed that you can download today on the AppExchange.


Editor's Note: This post was updated on January 6, 2020 to reflect the rebranding of Quip for Salesforce as Quip for Customer 360.