Salesforce Admins are always looking for new ways to deliver innovation to their users by streamlining processes and eliminating repetitive, frustrating tasks. This spring that became even easier with Flow Builder. Are your automation ideas flowing?

With more than 180 billion processes run daily and a simplified, user-friendly interface, now’s the time for #AwesomeAdmins to dive in and learn how to build flows. Champion user productivity and lead your company to success by leveraging Flow Builder.

We want every Salesforce Admin to #BeAnInnovator, but we know it can be daunting to get started. So we built a series of six video learning adventures to guide you through the first steps. We had a blast with hundreds of you during the real-time “Be An Innovator with Flow” adventure, and we hope to see many more of you join the learning fun.

Here are the simple steps to take and some examples of your peers’ progress.


1. Dive in and share your progress

Watch all six “Be An Innovator with Flow” videos, follow along in your own Developer Edition org, and share your progress on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator. Get additional resources to help you along the adventure in the trailmix.


2. Learn from your peers

Video 1: Identify the problem

Fill out the requirements worksheet and share it on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator.


Video 2: Define your process

Share a diagram for your process and share it on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator.


Video 3: Learn flow builder

Take a screenshot of your flow screen and share it on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator.


Video 4: Create records element

Take a screenshot of your Debug results and share it on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator.


Video 5: Distribute your flow

Share your newly optimized screen from the debugger on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator.


Video 6: Activate and test

Share your final flow screen on your record page on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator.


3. Note these pro tips for building flows from our experts

“Map out each step of the process and look for ways to optimize and reduce inefficiency. Once you have your flow built, get it in front of your users quickly so they can give you valuable feedback.”  — Marc Baizman, Senior Admin Evangelist

“Even if you shave just one minute off the time it takes to complete a common task, it will amount to hours of time saved over a year!” —  LeeAnne Rimel, Principal Admin Evangelist

“Actions or clicks that always need to be done in a certain order or require extra guidance to complete successfully are good candidates for a screen flow.”  —Shannon Hale, Senior Director, Product Management“

Read more about these tips and the origin of this adventure. 


4. Complete the trailmix

Complete the trailmix by May 31, 2019 to earn the “Be an Innovator” community badge and unlock a contribution of $20 to The Nature Conservancy.

Hit the trail and finish the trailmix today!