Sales reps today are under more pressure than ever to add value to customers and be trusted advisors. But it might surprise you that reps spend 66% of their time bogged down in administrative tasks. While we can’t do your expense reports for you, we can help reps be more productive. To tackle that, we took a close look at how information flows in and out of Salesforce to better understand how and where we can streamline processes. And help reps be more productive in the time they do have.

Today, we’re introducing our newest features built to simplify access to information and collaboration. We want sales reps to never be more than a couple clicks or taps away from inputting and consuming the information they need in Salesforce.


First, we improved how relevant information is served up to sales reps, directly in Salesforce and at the moment it’s needed:

  • Inbox Now with Einstein Insights: Salesforce Inbox Now provides an intelligent mobile experience that surfaces insights and actions that help field sales reps plan, manage, and optimize every moment of their busy workdays — all without leaving the app. Reps can now see key customer information, including account details, contacts, and opportunities for their next meeting within the corresponding calendar event, so they can get up to speed for their next meeting without needing to manually search through old emails. Meeting recaps are now automated with prompts so notes or action items or follow-up meetings can instantly be captured. Plus, Einstein Insights for every account are now surfaced instantly, alerting sales reps to important events, such as when a key executive becomes involved in a deal or if pricing is discussed.
  • Einstein Campaign Insights: Einstein can now uncover similarities among prospects who engage with a particular campaign. This helps reps identify the profile for the best prospects to target and which campaign assets resonate the most. For example, if directors in IT in the manufacturing industry show high engagement with a campaign asset, reps know that piece of marketing material will resonate with similar prospects and understand this may be a new audience to reach out to. Better yet, marketing teams will instantly have visibility into the same insights, making aligning on content needs and uncovering new audiences across sales and marketing smoother.
  • Social Intelligence Module: The Social Intelligence Module serves up an AI-powered social media feed focused on relevant business-related topics, right within Sales Cloud. Build more trust with customers and prospects by leveraging account-based social listening that provide key insights prior to a customer meeting. Sales reps can also instantly create a lead via a social post or add a social profile to an existing contact record, as well as share social posts on Chatter to inform the rest of the team. The Module currently supports Twitter and top tier news sites, with more channels expected to be added throughout the year.

We’ve also made it easier to share information and collaborate across teams:

  • Sales Cadences and Work Queues in High Velocity Sales: High Velocity Sales changes the way inside sales reps work by steering them through templatized Sales Cadences that tell them exactly how to reach out to a new prospect, and Work Queues, a personalized list of prioritized tasks to guide them through their day. Now, multiple Sales Cadences can be linked together to address more complex sales processes like longer lead times or extended outreach programs. And Work Queues can now be customized to show the prospect details that are most important for your selling strategy — so the most salient information needed to reach out are surfaced to inside sales reps automatically.
  • Quip for Sales: Today’s sales cycles often have more than 6 stakeholders, and now sales reps can easily guide teams of stakeholders through a deal cycle more effectively with Quip for Sales. With Quip for Sales, documents and spreadsheets now live right within records, enabling teams to easily find what they need and ensure they’re working from the most up-to-date version. Any team working on the account can now easily pull up relevant files like account plans, executive briefings and quarterly business reviews  within their workflow, without needing to open a new window or search for files. Even better — sales teams can templatize winning sales strategies by automating the creation of best practice templates which automatically show up alongside any new object such as accounts and opportunities. 

“At MotionPoint, one of our sales strategies is to enable our sales representatives with the right information at the right time so they can be great business consultants to our customers,” said Erdem Tokmokoglu, go-to-market strategy manager at MotionPoint. “To achieve this, we centralized our marketing, sales, and customer success processes on Salesforce to ensure customer data and insights could be delivered to our reps where and when they need them. We trusted Salesforce to act as the backbone of our strategy, and the result has been exponential growth.”

With these new productivity features, we’re managing the flow of information so that what you need is surfaced when you need it, all within Sales Cloud. It’s about making every rep more efficient, guiding their focus to the most impactful accounts and tasks, and elevating and upskilling every individual’s performance. Check out how our solution to increase productivity for sales can help your team here .